La Cave
15 Red Lion Street, Church Street, M4

the whirlwhinds on

Dec 1964

The Cave, as we called it, was owned by Tommy Brown and his wife Jackie.

We had a great crowd in there. They had some good groups on most nights, ie Wayne Fontanna and Mindbenders - all great stuff.

i was one of the first members of a group called the Legends, who later became Bo Kelly and the Legends. The members then were me, Gordon Lickfold, Harry Ingle, i cant remember the rest but the manager was called Bert.

Tommy also owned Brown's School of Dancing in Moston (near the Ben Brierly) - these venues were always well attended.

Hey, they really were the good old days.

Ron Pitt

I was a regular at La Cave in the mid sixties. My fave club of all time.I made lots of friends there but lost touch with everyone.Happy days.

Tony Marshall



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