Lewis's Ballroom

Pictured courtesy Keith Fairhurst July '15.


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Topic: Lewis
Paul webmaster says...
Thanks to Keith Fairhurst for pics of Lewis's Ballroom.
Any memories?
2nd August 2015 12:28pm
lucy mottershead says...
Remember going to Father Christmas grotto and there was a mini train ride in lewis's ballroom. then a yo-yo demo a few years later.
3rd November 2015 3:55am
Bill Heslop says...
I worked at Lewis's from 1958 to 1964 and remember seeing Pete McClain and the Dakotas play there and was knocked out by them. Also saw The Overlanders there. What happened to them ? Happy Days.
16th April 2017 12:56am
Hot Buttered Toast says...
Ahh, Lewis' Alan Sugar domain - I saw the Sooty Show there in 1972/3 'ish.. Worked there in the display department on the top floor with several amazing characters who, for some reason, their names escape me - except for one of the girls ... Read More
18th April 2017 1:26am
paul webmaster says...
Thats right - spoil it for the rest of us as well. LOL
18th April 2017 5:44pm
Lucy Mottershead says...
I used to go to practice gigs to see Hermans Hermitts and Manfred Man, can't remember where?
16th April 2017 6:00pm
Trevor Booth (Manchester) says...
I can recall calling in the ballroom on Saturday afternoons in the late 50,s early sixties and seeing many up and coming top groups there. Pete McClain and the Clan or Dakotas seemed to be a regular. The best thing was it was free. I later spent my ... Read More
8th November 2017 2:38am


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