Lewis's Ballroom

Pictured courtesy Keith Fairhurst July '15.


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Lucy Mottershead
I used to go to practice gigs to see Hermans Hermitts and Manfred Man, can't remember where?
16th April 2017 6:00pm
Paul webmaster
Thanks to Keith Fairhurst for pics of Lewis's Ballroom.
Any memories?
2nd August 2015 12:28pm
lucy mottershead
Remember going to Father Christmas grotto and there was a mini train ride in lewis's ballroom. then a yo-yo demo a few years later.
3rd November 2015 3:55am
Hot Buttered Toast
Ahh, Lewis' Alan Sugar domain - I saw the Sooty Show there in 1972/3 'ish.. Worked there in the display department on the top floor with several amazing characters who, for some reason, their names escape me - except for one of the girls (second name was Halliwell - not Gerry.) and Steve. But the dream was shattered. there wasn't one real Sooty, there were lots of them in a suitcase. No wonder he could appear on stage from various parts ! Happy days indeed. Regards Phil
18th April 2017 1:26am
paul webmaster
Thats right - spoil it for the rest of us as well. LOL
18th April 2017 5:44pm


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