Known Oasis Gigs
Based on research by John H warburg - much appreciated John.

Sunday, December 3, 1961 Gene Vincent

Friday, February 2, 1962: The Beatles, The Allan Dent Jazz Band

Thursday, May 11, 1962: The Fourtones

Saturday, July 7, 1962: Gene Vincent 


Saturday, September 29, 1962: The Beatles, The Pete Bocking Six, DJ Mac Magonnegall Lacey

Advertised on the poster as Oasis Top Teenage Night Spot Lloyd Street off Albert Square presents Saturday 7.00 pm Saturday, 29 September The Beatles plus The Pete Bocking Six DJ Mac Magonnegall Lacey

Sunday, September 30, 1962: Mike Sagar and the Crestas, DJ Dave Lee Travis, The Hollies

Advertised on the poster as Oasis Top Teenage Night Spot Lloyd Street off Albert Square presents Sunday (Club) 7.00 pm Sunday 30 September Mike Sagar and the Crestas, DJ Dave Lee Travis Sunday (Afternoon Club) 2 pm - 4.30 pm Manchester's Newest Rockers The Hollies only 2/6 d

Sunday, October 21, 1962: Johnny Kidd and the Pirates 

Tuesday, December 4, 1962: The Olympics and Jackie Fordell, lunchtime, Pete MacLaine and the Dakotas, evening

Wednesday, December 5, 1962: The Hollies, evening
Advertised on the poster as Manchester's latest Rockers.

Thursday, December 6, 1962: The Olympics and Jackie Fordell, lunchtime, The Pete Bocking Six, DJ 'Mac' Magonnegall Lacey, evening 

Friday, December 7, 1962: The Olympics and Jackie Fordell, lunchtime, Johnny Silver and the Atlantics, evening

Saturday, December 8, 1962: The Beatles, The Pete Bocking Six, from 7pm  

Sunday, December 9, 1962: The Hollies, 2.pm - 4.pm, Mike Sagar and the Crestas, D.J. Dave Lee Travis, from 7.30pm 

Tuesday, December 11, 1962: The Olympics and Jackie Fordell, Pete MacLaine and the Dakotas, D.J. Dave Lee Travis, evening

Wednesday, December 12, 1962: Wayne Fontana and the Jets, evening

Thursday, December 13, 1962: The Olympics and Jackie Fordell, lunchtime & evening, 'Mac' Magonnegall Lacey, evening

Friday, December 14, 1962: The Olympics and Jackie Fordell, lunchtime, Gerry and the Pacemakers, evening 

Saturday, December 15, 1962: Robin Hall and Jimmy McGregor, Johnny Sandon and the Remo 4, from 7pm

Sunday, December 16, 1962: The Falcons, 2pm - 4pm, Rolf Harris and the Kangaroos, Pete MacLaine and the Dakotas, DJ Dave Lee Travis, from 7pm

Sunday, December 23, 1962: The Hollies 

Monday, December 24, 1962: Pete MacLaine and the Dakotas, Ricky Shaw and the Dolphins, Johnny Martin and the Tremors, 8pm - 1am

Wednesday, December 26, 1962: The Olympics and Jackie Fordell, DJ Dave Lee Travis

Thursday, December 27, 1962: The Olympics and Jackie Fordell, lunchtime session, Wayne Fontana and the Jets, from 7.30pm

Friday, December 28, 1962: The Olympics and Jackie Fordell, lunchtime session, Mike Caddillac and the Playboys, from 7.30pm 

Saturday, December 29, 1962: Dave Berry and the Cruisers, from 7pm

Sunday, December 30, 1962: Bobby Shafto and the Moonrakers, from 7pm  

Monday, December 31, 1962: Lorne Gibson and the Lorne Gibson Trio, The Olympics and Jackie Fordell, The Pete Bocking Six, 8pm - 1am

Saturday, February 22, 1963: The Beatles, The Honeys, Helen Shapiro, Danny Williams, The Kestrels, Kenny Lynch

Sunday, December 1, 1963: The Rolling Stones

Sunday, May 10, 1964: Little Richard 

Saturday, September 26, 1964: Gene Vincent 

Friday, October 2, 1964: King-Size Taylor and the Dominoes plus The Opposition

Saturday, October 3, 1964: The Chants plus Cadillacs Playboys

Sunday, October 4, 1964: Dave Berry

Friday, October 9, 1964: Bill Haley and the Comets, Manfred Mann  

Saturday, October 17, 1964: Herman's Hermits

Thursday, 24 December, 1964: Hermans Hermits plus Stlos plus Danny and The Dominators

Friday, 25 December, 1964: The Country Gents plus The Measles plus The Chapperones plus Mister Smiths

Saturday, 26 December, 1966: Hermans hermits plus The Stylos plus The Measles

Thursday, 31 December, 1964: The Stylos plus The Measles plus The Chapperones plus Mister Smiths


Friday, 1 January, 1965: The Crestas plus The Chapperones

Friday, April 23, 1965: The Who 

Tuesday 13 July 1965: The Cymerons

Sunday, September 12, 1965: The Who

Sunday, October 3, 1965: Bo Diddley

Tuesday, 17 October, 1965: The Measles

The Oasis on Manchesterbeat

Sunday, November 14, 1965: The Sir Douglas Quintet

Sunday, November 28, 1965: The Who


Tueday, 18 January, 1966: The Stylos

Sunday, February 6, 1966: The Pretty Things

Sunday, February 13, 1966: The Mindbenders

Sunday, February 20, 1966: The Who

Tuesday, February 22, 1966: The Cryin' Shames

Saturday, February 26, 1966: Pinkerton's Assorted Colours, The Factotums

Sunday, March 6, 1966: The Koobas 

Tuesday, March 15, 1966: The Alan Bown Set

Sunday, March 20, 1966: The In Crowd

Friday, April 1, 1966: The Pretty Things 

Sunday, April 3, 1966: Wimple Winch

Saturday, April 9, 1966: The Pretty Things

Saturday, April 23, 1966: The Cryin' Shames

Sunday, May 1, 1966: The Moody Blues

Sunday, May 22, 1966: The Mindbenders 

Sunday, May 29, 1966: The Merseys

Saturday, June 4, 1966: The Factotums 

Tuesday, June 14, 1966: Wishful Thinking

Saturday, June 18, 1966: Pinkerton's Assorted Colours

Friday, July 22, 1966: The Koobas

Tuesday, August 9, 1966: The Montanas 

Saturday, September 3, 1966: The Playboys, The Wheels, Frankenstein

Sunday, September 4, 1966: The Mindbenders

Tuesday, 4 October, 1966: The Playboys

Saturday, October 15, 1966: The Factotums

Sunday, October 16, 1966: Lee Dorsey, The Wheels 

Tuesday, 18 October,1966: The Rocking Vicars

Tuesday, 18 November,1966: The Lonely Ones

The Oasis on Manchesterbeat

Saturday, November 12, 1966: The Coasters, The Motivation

Friday, December 16, 1966: The Rockin' Vickers 

Friday, December 23, 1966: Family

Sunday, March 26, 1967: The Move


Beatles at the Oasis Club, Manchester
Dec 10th, 1965

Phoenix City Smash at Sloopys 1969




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Comments (31)

Topic: Barratts
Neil Smith says...
I used to wait impatiently for weekend to get to Barratts on Oxford Road and Stock & Chapman and Renos place. I often couldn't get Gibson strings but they always had them. One day, I spoke with Adrian about Chet Atkins and Gretsch ... Read More
4th May 2014 9:55am
Ron Choularton says...
To pay off the HP cost of an alto sax my mate's dad signed for, I worked Saturdays at Barretts in '66. As a relative novice I learned on the job. The manager Peter (?) was a gem of a bloke, but the Triumph Vitesse-driving Adrian Barrett ... Read More
11th July 2015 5:37am
Ron Choularton says...
Can anyone remember the shop manager's last name. His first was Peter, little older than the average staff? Also another wonderful lad, who I ran into again years later in 1978 and he was the landlord of a pub in Ardwick Green, adjacent to the ... Read More
19th January 2016 4:24am
Keith Osborne says...
I have a a barratts chromatone fully working for sale, what are they worth?
10th January 2017 5:48am
Alan Jackson says...
Hello Terry, I, too, have one of these amps. They were made in the '60s by TVM SOUND in Salford. TVM had been making small metal cased guitar and p.a. amps for Barratts to sell and the story goes that a number of prototypes, with different tone ... Read More
12th May 2014 2:44am
Terry Bateman says...
Hi Alan Many thanks for the reply to the post regarding the Barrett's amplifier – so there is another one out there! I've not started on the restoration & service yet, as I've a few projects on the to-do list, and this will have to ... Read More
22nd May 2014 8:28pm
Alan Jackson says...
Dear Terry,
My source assures me that the 'Mindbenders' connection is true for the earlier TVM amps.
25th May 2014 8:43pm
Rob Parkes says...
My abiding memory of Barratts is the purchase of my "Broadway" drum kit when I was 10 years old. My Dad took me there, and I really wanted a second hand white pearl Premier kit but that was £150. The new Broadway was £80 odd quid so I ... Read More
16th August 2014 11:36pm
Neil Webb says...
In searching for a good quality old standard army bugle I acquired an instrument stamped "Barretts Made in England" with a music note above it. Does anyone know what age this is likely to be? It has a beautiful tone and I use it regularly ... Read More
11th November 2014 6:57am
Jim Chadwick says...
That bugle might even have belonged to me once. Smile

My parents bought me one new from Barretts in 1960. I was in a Scout band (83rd Manchester). As you say the bugle was stamped with Barretts name.
21st March 2015 3:21am
Tony Higgins says...
Memories are always there and those times that Carol Kaye and the Dynachords experienced were some of the best times of my seventy one years. Tony Higgins.
15th April 2015 4:57am
Darren Sienkiewicz says...
Barrats Oxford Road shop was part of our Saturday routine in the late 70s/early 80s. A visit to Barrats and A1 to try out loads of guitars and dabble on the keyboards, then lunch at Amigo's at the end of the row. Later we had guitar lessons ... Read More
17th May 2015 4:58am
Pete Kay says...
I bought quite a few bass guitars from Barratts including a white Fender Precision in 1962. A couple of years later it was stolen from our van outside the Cavern in Liverpool. I remember going into see Adrian Barratt and telling him what had ... Read More
17th January 2016 7:46am
Tony Higgins says...
In answer to Pete Kay. I can well believe Adrian Barratt doing something like that. We had our Dynachorde echo unit pinched and he told us to come to the shop at closing time on Saturday, take the one in the window and bring it back on Monday ... Read More
18th January 2016 8:27pm
Suzanne says...
Pete Kay was it you that was with the Rainmakers ??
3rd March 2017 11:41pm
Peter Kay says...
Yes, I played with the Rainmakers. I am amazed you remember us.
4th March 2017 8:44am
Suzanne Hatton says...
Lol it is you that I remember Peter
12th April 2017 12:49am
Peter Kay says...
That's quite flattering. You have aroused curiosity. Where do you remember me from?
12th April 2017 7:17am
Suzanne Hatton says...
Manchester in the sixties
16th April 2017 6:41pm
Suzanne says...
Does anyone know what happened to the drummer Trevor Moray ??
3rd March 2017 11:47pm
Ian Kinsey says...
Hello Suzanne, Trevor Morrais was a friend of mine in the mid to late sixties and early seventies. He went onto quite some considerable success. He became the drummer in the Peddlers they made quite a lot of fabulous albums, and had hits with ... Read More
11th April 2017 2:58am
Suzanne Hatton (manchester) says...
Hi Ian I think I remember you also, do you know have a pub ??
5th December 2017 12:15pm
Aidan Browne says...
My first electric guitar was purchased from Barratts for £10 in 1973. I still have it. It was a second hand Fenton Weill Triplemaster. My dear old mum provided the money. I was 14 at the time. Happy days.
22nd October 2016 12:27pm
Graham says...
I remember seeing the Undertakers with their Coffin on stage but my best memory is of seeing the Who when My Generation was getting quite popular and several people chatting with Keith Moon out in the street at half time. He was returning to the ... Read More
31st October 2016 8:29pm
Jeremy Peake says...
I bought a 1937 alto sax from a lovely old chap who worked in Barratt's in about 1986 and I'd dearly like to know who he was. I still have it 30 years later. He told me that he used to play it himself but it had ended up in a late musician ... Read More
9th December 2016 1:53pm
Philip Hodgson says...
Met my wife at Oasis in 1965 asked her to dance with the classic open line ' ARE YOU DANCING' which she was with 4 other girls all dancing around their handbags. Still together now and very happy. We saw some great acts we also went to ... Read More
20th January 2017 1:59am
Maggie King says...
The first time I went to the Oasis was also the first date with my first love, Brian Holland. The group playing that night was Frankenstein and his Monsters, Frankenstein chased me round the club and I was hysterical, crying with mascara running ... Read More
22nd February 2017 9:43am
robert parkes says...
Who remembers the TVM bass speaker cabs with 2X 18" speakers ? They were the size of a large radiogram ! and had 4 screw on legs...We used to use this with a TVM amp that gave out as much heat as a storage heater !!.... It seems crazy now that ... Read More
4th March 2017 9:21am
Pete Kay says...
When I played with Toms Right I had a TVM 30 Watt amp through two cabinets with Goodman's audiom 80s 18" speakers. The cabinets were home made based on VOX units and I had to have a third speaker in reserve as I managed to blow one every ... Read More
5th March 2017 3:53am
robert parkes says...
Just remembered buying a Fab Slingerland kit from Barratts shortly before they closed....It was natuaral wood shells and 10 drums inc snare....All toms were single heads and the fittings were really rock solid....It was an arm and a leg at the ... Read More
5th March 2017 4:46am
Neil Smith says...
Adrian Barratt got for me the first Gretsch Hollowbody on sale in the Oxford Rd shops. 1964 I think and it cost a massive £444. More than a cheap car. neilsmithguitar.com
9th August 2017 8:11pm

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