The Pendulum

This was a northern soul venue originally in a room upstairs at a pub in Hardman Street off Deansgate.

There was a little raised dance floor which was about 12 feet square. The original DJs were Sam and Dave, the Dave being Dave White who is still about in Derbyshire somewhere. Barry Tasker was also DJ there.

The Pendulum moved to MSG somewhere near PIPS and for me was never the same. There was a great crowd and an awful lot of women for a northern night.  I used to go with the lads from Stretford, Ray Nightingale, Adrian Dowd and a few others.

Adrian runs the Northern nights at The Greatstone Hotel in Stretford and Barry Tasker is the DJ on the first Saturday of every month. The music is very much a tribute to the pendulum and The Wheel.

If anyone out there remembers two girls called Wendy and Irene from Burnage, get on this site please.

Les Whyatt


Used to go to the Pendulum in Manchester - near Victoria Station.  A great soul / northern venue.  Who remembers - Rowntrees / Ralphs Records / Spin Inn / Global / Brown Street record stalls?  Also used to get clothes from Crispy Crunchy Clothing Co.


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Topic: The Pendulum Club
Shane Clegg says...
I Visited the club in 71 I was 15 the membership was 2/6 pence until February 15th 12 and a half p when decimilisation kicked in it was awesome stone dance floor with a tiny bar that only served Newcastle pints in bottles stone or concrete pillars ... Read More
22nd July 2017 10:30am


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