The Picadilly Club

Run by Jerry Harris, one of The Comedians.

All City footballers and United players would come in for a drink.  Malcolm Allison, Paddy Crerrand, Goerge Best to name a few.  Simon Dee would drop in also Jackie Trent and Barbara Braden and the top acts of the time.  We were Bunny girls then. 

Good memories. 

Val Shearer

I think we worked there at the same time Val in 1966/7. Black leotards & fishnet tights.

I remember the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah band appearing & some funny nights with Ray Fell & Mike Yarwood heckling each other.

The Kray twins came to visit but were swiftly run out of town by the police.

Joe Louis, the American World Heavyweight Champion boxer, made an appearance one week.

My boyfriend (later husband) was a musician at Mr Smiths & used to come & meet me when he finished work and we then went on to other clubs - like the Portland - until 6 in the morning!.The girl behind the bar had a boyfriend who used to pop in whilst he was working at the Guardian during the night. 

Jean King (nee Readman)

Hi Jean, I remember the same things as you and the Guardian boy coming into to see one of the girls.  Were you Australian?  Do you remember the Greek girl that worked there too?

I met Jerry a few years ago and he was selling antique furniture in one of our local hotels. He is still married to the blond girl he married. I was at his wedding held in the club. Do you rmember Sid the doorman Great memories. Keep in touch.

Val Shearer

Hi Jean again, hope you pick up on this again sometime.  Do you remember Elsie she was lovely and married to a guy from Malta I think.  Also do you remember Pat Smith she was a singer who used to hang about the clubs. I remember well the black leotards and fishnet tights. I worked mostly the top bar(at least I got to wear a black dress there) and sometimes on the floor. We made some really good tips for back then. Did you attend Jerrys wedding? Keeep in touch if you can.

Val Shearer

I was a Picadilly Poppet 1966/67!  I remember Jerry and Pat Smith very well and the Bob Gillespie Trio. One of the highlights for me was the Maori Castaways performing there.  I loved my time there and have such happy memories.

Sandra Colgin (nee Gill) 

Hi again,  Does anyone remember Elsie who worked at the club.  She was a great girl and nice looking I also remember sitting at the bar chatting with Simon Dee who was a really nice quiet guy.  Also remember George Best coming in with a girl at the time who was not one of the latter glamerous types he hung around.  He too was a quiet and quite shy guy back then.  I think Sandra was Australian.  Then there was Jean I think the paper guy came in to see her. Anyone else got any more memories to share????

Val Shearer

Hi everyone.  Does anyone remember Barbara Braden and Jackie Trent and the night thy come in by for a drink!!!!.  There was always some top liners in there.  Does anyone remember Dorothy from Scotland. She was quite a cute girl and worked in the top bar   She was from Scotland and a very nice girl.   Hope to hear from some of you soon.

Val Shearer

Jerry took over the Commercial pub in Prestwich in 1979 - we had some good nights out.  He split up from his wife Kay & went to live in Malta.  I met him their in the late 80s.  Sadly I heard he passed on a couple of years back. 

Mike Baker

I had worked on the Miss World for Mecca in London, and was now manager of the Mecca Hulme Hippodrome and later to become manager of Mr Smiths, a rival nightclub, and the Pic was my favourite night spot.

I was asked to judge many beauty comps and my fellow judges one night were the Kray Twins and followed by a huge fight later in the night. I also had the great pleasure of judging with the great boxer, the brown bomber Joe Lousie. Pat Smith was also a stand up comic and we became good friends, Sid the doorman was great at his job, the best in town, and Jerry was very good host and compere.   

You only live once.

Peter Sheils  
ps nostalgia is not what it used to be.



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