Cannon Street

‘Rails’ was on Cannon Street in central Manchester. It wasn’t a band venue but I did meet one of the loves of my life there so to me it ranks up there with ‘The Wheel’.

Dave the bouncer was a nice guy, unless you crossed him. He was built like a cube and I remember watching his little legs propel him down Cannon Street, with a bass ball bat, after three of the local hard boys had a go at him. Thank god he didn’t catch them.


"The boys in The Richard Kent Style decided we were going to have a night out on our night off. At least 3 of us went to see Jimi Hendrix at  Manchester University. This would be about 1967.

We were blown away ..natch .. so we thought "where can we get a drink to recover ,this time of night''.  

We knew Rails was open pretty late and we went there. After a couple of pints, there was a small commotion at the door ..we turned around to see ..Jimi! walking in with 2 birds .. one on each arm .

He got a booth and tucked himself away , so we didn't bother him! Made my night !

Dave Bowker


There was a club downstairs on Cannon Steet, names "Rails" It was run by Mary and Irish Girl and her, I think, husband Nobby. he was an Indian and owned a restaurant nearby, used to bring us indian food when we got a "lock in" Used to go there in the late 60s' early 70s'. Sue Turner (sister of Paul Turner - bass guitarist with Wild Silk/Michaels Angels/Strictly for Cash who unfortunately died 4 or 5 years ago) served drinks there.

Mike Waring

I was a photographic assistant in Manchester in the 60's. A male model told us he was managing a new club called Rails and to check it out. My friend and I went round one night in his mini van. Graham Nash from the Hollies was in. Found it a bit expensive though, I was only on £5 a week and it cost nearly that for a coke! Then to cap it all when we got out my crombie-style overcoat had been nicked from the back of  the van. Happy days.

Nigel Taylor

I was a DJ at Rails. I worked there for many years. I started as a waitress selling drinks. It was where I learn to swear! I was horrified on my first night in the girls toilets when they were all doing their hair and make-up,the foul language which came out of their lovely faces, before long I was just as bad, we do tend to pick stuff up ha ha. All the Radio Caroline DJ's used to come down plus the Hollies on occassion. I used to really fancy Allan Clarke until I saw him clicking his fingers to order a drink like he was some kind of God! YUK! It's hard to remember everybodies names but Selwyn Demmy (if I remember rightly) was one of the directors along with the Hollies manager? Selwyn is the brother of Gus Demmy the Bookie and Allan Demmy who was sadly killed at the time in a motor boat accident.





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