The Ritz
Whitworth Street

The Ritz in 2004

The Fourtones with Alan Clark and Graham Nash had a regular Sunday afternoon gig at the Ritz, It was normally strictly ballroom dancing, but for an hour all the girls would kick off their high heels and start jiving and twisting.

It was a good double up for us, with another gig, normally the 2J's at night.

Butch Mepham

I can just about remember, when I was about 6-7yrs old, I found myself in the Ritz Ballroom, staring at the center revolving stage. Imagine my suprise,when the stage had completed a half turn revealing a large Jazz Band,Brass, which comprised of percusion, piano, woodwind, etc.And there to my utter suprise was my Dad, Chic Taylor, known to many in Manchester at the time as Chic - The Black Prince.

For quite a while he was the owner of The Bossa Nova Club, situated at Todd Street, right on the corner opposite Victoria Train Station - formally known as The Top Cat Club.

My Dad had obviously dragged me along to see him in action and boy was I impressed  - well, that wasn't too difficult given my age.  But what stood out the most was the band, I have no idea what the Jazz band were called, more like a Jazz orchestra but I'd love to know if anyone out there remembers.

Chic and this Band played at the Ritz around 1960s onward.  He played fairly regular from what I understand.

Anyway as I was saying,The thing that impressed me the most was, as the band played, Chic would move from instrument to instrument and played along.  Then he would move over to the drums and do the same ,Tten the Piano,and I just remember looking and being memorised with it all.

So that's my little piece to add to this fantastic site and sponsor's. Hope to hear from anyone who was around at the time and may shed some more light on this topic.  All comments and picture's welcome.

Don Patric Albert Chic Taylor

The Big Beat Boys were The Beat Boys

Eddie Rogers from advert above

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Vincent Meehan
Wow, the Ritz!
Worked there under Brian Thomson in the early 70's. Resident band was Glen South, replaced by Vic Lazall & his Orchestra. Can't recall the name of the other band (5 pc) but they were good. One of my jobs was to crank the handle that turned the stage and changed the bands; still can't hear Spanish Eyes without remembering those days. Tony Fitton was catering manager, ably assisted by Doreen Edwards, Bernard was the cellarman, and, best of all, it's where I met my wife, Barbara. Still with me after 40+ years.
22nd June 2016 6:20am
michael kennerk
there wasthe plaza on oford st the bodiga club jazz hall j
inthe basement that was on cross st
6th February 2015 9:34am
Albert Hilton
Remember seeing Christopher Neil (ex Chuckles) in lead role in Hair at the Palace. He had a big part (so I am told but view from upstairs was not that great).
6th May 2014 9:38pm

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