Strangeways Prison

Regular gigs were held here on a Sunday afternoon after lunch.

They were organised by the prison chaplain and held in a large hall with tiered seating facing the front and to the right of the performance area.

The seating to the right was occupied by femail inmates and the front seating by male inmates. There was a large tarpaulin strung between these seating areas so they couldn't see each other.

All acts were very well received. I remember playing there with Johnny Masters and the Mastersounds in the early 60s.

We always went down well playing rock & roll to a very appreciative audience.

Geoff Brannick

Paul Fenda and the Teenbeats also played this gig to an appreciative audition. Paul (Paul Yong) was a bit of a joker and he deliberately loosened the screw on his Shure microphone. When on stage the head flopped forward and Paul apologised to the audience saying "it wont take long to fix this screw" ..............loud cheers!!!

Then proceeded to announce the next three songs " JailHouse Rock, Jailer bring me water and dont fence me in."

Yes a very appreciative audience indeed.

Chris Bowden, drummer

Went there once to watch my cousin Barrie Crossland who played guitar in the resident group. 

Graham Wray


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