Rowntrees owned four popular clubs,

  • Top of the Town
  • Sound
  • Seen/Takis and
  • Spring Gardens

with all but the last featuring groups two or three nights a week.

I have just read Paul Swarbrick's account of when he was working on Whitworth St in Manchester and how he used to go to Takis at lunchtime and enjoy the music. I was really pleased to read that as I was the DJ during those lunchtime sessions.

My DJ name was Pete Roscoe and as well as the lunchtime sessions I also did Top of the Town,and Rowntrees in the evenings. Does anyone recall the Miss Supertakis beauty contest that we had, I arranged that together with Mr Paul Partakis who was the Manager and part of the family that owned the group of clubs 


I spent every Friday and Saturday night dancing to Tamala Mowtown at Takis.

As you walked down the stairs to enter the club There was a minor bird in a cage on the wall. It would whistle at the girls coming down the steps in the dark.

I remember being there the night Otis Reding died and the DJ Paul Pender anounced it. Everyone was so shocked.

I remember the dinnertime sesions. As I worked on Lever street i would nip in for the lunch break.

Takis and Tamala Mowtown were the best times of my life.

Anne Bostock


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Topic: Seen/Takis
Barry Plant says...
So you remember TAKIS but do you remember George Partaxis the owner ? This guy was about five foot three but hard as nails Sicillian and really put the wind up me when I was dragged into the club office for scrapping with a guy from Openshaw. He ... Read More
17th July 2014 8:38pm
JF210 says...
I thought they were Greek. His daughter Georgina was a year above me at school. My best memories are from Takis. Everytime me and my friend walked and the dj saw us he used to put on That Driving Beat cos he knew we loved it.
13th February 2016 4:57am
Patsy stirling says...
Yes they were Greek Cypriots, Paul was a younger slimmer version of George.
13th February 2016 4:20pm
Anne Bostock. says...
Paul Partakis 2nd wife Jeanie is a friend of mine. Paul died about 10 ago in Cyprus. Paul was a lovely man.
4th March 2016 11:10am
Patsy says...
I used to work at both of the Rowntrees after work at Manchester Telephone exchange, until 1964. We did two nights a week each, my girlfriend and I and just loved it. Working there was so sophisticated and we all looked so glamorous in our black, ... Read More
17th October 2014 8:10pm
patsy says...
I meant to say we worked as barmaids (very green at the time) but good teachers in the patrons, which put me in good stead in Perth, Western Australia during the mining boom.
18th October 2014 4:40pm

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