Oxford Street

I was involved like most young Mancs in everything that was going on in the City from about 1964. I worked at Tiffanys which was  the same building you show as the Plaza.

It was originally owned and run by Mecca. The manager' were ballroom champions Harold Hulley and Doreen Edwards.  They were also judges at 'Come Dancing' and she was involved in the Miss World contests.

The group Les Nocturnes gave good careers to the girl singers.

The first, Sandra Stevens, became the main singer in Brotherhood of Man. Her partner was a girl who did session work and went under the name Eve Eden. She eventually changed her name to Eve Graham and joined the New Seekers.

The third girl was an usherette at the nearby either Odeon or Gaumont cinema and she was from Wythenshawe. Her name was Lynn Paul. She also joined the New Seekers then had a good solo career and she's recently been on Emmerdale.

Good Times! Hello to anyone who might have known me.

Len Drury

How I remember Tiffanys which was once the Plaza, what wonderful memories.  No alcohol sold, only orange juice and milk !!!!! believe it or not.When it changed to Tiffanys I found it so romantic with all those palm trees but then I was only 19 years of age. What wonderful memories, where have they all gone.

Beryl Hetheringon

Tony Ravell's band was fantastic - they  did a cover of Woodstock better than the original.  The female singer did a cover of Carol King's "it's to late".  What a fabulous voice. Also the blind keyboard member of the band, what pure talent he had.

Tony Ravell was a special friend that I lost touch with over the years but would love to hear from him. If anybody knows what the rest of the band  did after Tiffanys I would be very interested.


Went many times to Tiffanys in the 60s.  Many happy memories, didn't they use to have a Mynah bird at the top of the stairs where you went in.

Anne Davies

I worked at Tiffanys for Doreen Edwards as trainee catering assistant. she was Cataering manageress. Harold Hulley was the General Manager and his assistant was Bill Irvine. I had a great time there and it was the place to go to in Manchester. Tom Jones came in one night after his performance at the Odeon next door, also Mike and Bernie Winters and Bill Kenwright who was a cast member of Coronation street at the time. I met my wife Anne there, she was a waitress. Gorgeous Georgie was the DJ when I was there and Tony Ravel's new voyage played the live music. There used to be a tropical thunderstorm at intervals throughout the night and it was very realistic.

I wish I could meet all the staff members again Eric the doorman, Anne McNally, Margaret Gaffney, Barbara Entwistle, Kath (can't remember her surname).

Doreen Edwards ruled with draconian style and all the staff took the mickey out of her behind her back I recall. I as management was never allowed to mix with staff out of hours, but at the  end of the night around 2am we all went to the empire grill in the town hall square for something to eat and it was there we all met Dave Lee Travis with his girlfriend at that time Jennifer Lowe a very beautiful woman,(Lucky devil) Hulley and Edwards never found out about our meet ups LOL

Les Williams

Yes I remember the mynah bird on the stairs. And the wonderful Nocturnes making great music. Happy happy days.

Tony Howarth

I too worked at Tiffanys for Mr Hully and Miss Edwards. I was employed as Head Barman and Cellerman. There was a little welsh girl as assistant manageress whose name I don't recall now.

I think I was proably the one responsible for getting rid of the Myna bird because I got so fed up of Miss Edwards making me cut up the fruit for the bird. I took it out on the bird and taught it to swear ... so it had to go.

I remember the girls well  - Sandra, Eve and Lynn also Nicky lead guitarist with Les Nocturnes, Karla the D J,  Sheila the cigar girl.

We went to a greek club after work called the Clubmans Club in Chinatown or varied it by going in the Portland Lodge,  not forgetting the hours we spent in Nicks all night cafe. I left to go to work at Tiffany's in London   Great days  

Alan Bowden

Talk about a trip down memory lane. Fascinated to read the comments. Having been appointed the youngest mecca manager at the Ritz ballroom for 18 months I was appointed general manager at Tiffanys following Harold Hulley. It wasn't long before the business boomed and we won  many Mecca awards  including my first holiday abroad (week in ibiza). I would also love to hear what happened to Tony Ravell.
Aagh  happy days.

After 2 years I moved as general manager to Blackpool Locarno (name changed to Tiffanys Blackpool) and amongst many changes started Northern soul.

I now live in Devon which seems a million miles from the Mecca days. 

Bill Pye

I worked at Tiffanys for a short tme in the late 1960's , I can rember seeing Harold Hulley & Doreen Edwards ballroom dancing outside on the flat roof of the Tiffanys building . I also would like to know what happened  to Tony Ravell and Assistant Manager Norman Dean . It was a great place to go for a night out.

Robin Sadler

Hi I was Chief cashier at Tiffanys for seven years in the 1970's when Paul Rowe was General Manager followed by Mike Connolly. Tony Ravell had been replaced by Mel Dean and The Sunshine Cake. Happy days.I remember Bill Pye he used to be our Regional Director.

Jean Charnock

I worked at Tiffanys from the night it opened and for a year or so afterwards.
I remember getting fixed up with the uniform for the grand opening, and then I was promoted/demoted to cigarette girl, complete with short red satin frilly dress and fishnets. I hated that soon returned to drinks waitressing.

I do remember all the staff had to line up before opening to be inspected by the dragon of a managaress....that was always a joke amongst us, we were mostly youngsters, I was 18.. so we did it all with good grace, she however took it very seriously.

The group Les Nocturnes were brilliant. Johnny Campbell who was singer and guitarist took me to see the "Sound of music" one afternoon...(it was on at the Gaumont I think) I had a bit of a crush on Johnny at the time. lol.

I remember dj Holly, I think her boyfriend was the goalie on the German football team who lost to England in the 1966 world cup...If my memory serves me well Tiffanys was open that night, such jubilation, even Holly didn't seem bothered.

Eve and Sandra...the female singers were lovely, Sandra was shy, Eve was beautiful.....such happy carefree days.


Hi - Anyone any idea where Paul Rowe is now. He was a great person. He was manager at Blighty's for a while where I was M.D. and we had some fun times together. He then went to a wine bar in Eccles. Would love to contact him aain. Have a GREAT day!

Stuart Brown

I lived in Harrogate and was 16 yrs old..that was 1980. Mr Hulley had a dance school in the arcade and also a massive antique and second hand store and his wife an antique shop, I was offered a saturday job and that was it.

Both gave me the chance in life and thanks to them I never looked back. The most charming people I will ever encounter. They gave me knowledge of how to be a proper young man and conduct myself in the appropriate manner.The down side was walking the dog FRED ha ha . However I moved to Dorset and never kept in contact. David, I wish I had x

David Robinson

Just a little more...
Mr Hulley and Mrs Hulley, but never heard Mr H call her Mrs H . When things were going wrong, Mrs H had a good quote.... "OH IT IS SO TRAGIC SOMEONE HAS PINCHED MY WAND AND BUG****D UP MY MAGIC " They went to TENERIFE or TENERRIFEE on holliday, AS MR H would say...  they got me a Lladro porcelain polar bear and why i am writing this is, I FOUND IT IN THE GARAGE...and MR/MRS H collected LlADRO. Never knew what ever happened to them but I would love to know ?? and I will find out.They lived in Brunswick Drive,the Duchy area of Harrogate and very posh . By the way Fred was a black woolley dog but not a poodle.

David Robinson

Just been looking at the Tiffany's page.  Nice to see my name has not been forgotten.. Was surprised to see the message from Bill Pye. Hello Bill. Yes I am still around.  Great memories of our partnership at Tiffany's and the success we had there. Think how many old friends there must be out there who spend as much time as I certainly do remembering the good old days. 

You may be supprised to hear I am still in close contact with Brian Thompson and we meet for lunch evry now and then. Brian has been my pal for almost 50 years when we met in Coventry Locarno.  When I played there and he was assistant manager. Great to hear you are still around Bill.  Do you go to the Mecca reunion.?  I have never been, but Brian goes. Would be nice to hear more from you and anyone else who would like to reminisce.

Tony Ravell

I know Mr. Hulley and Doreen Edwards-Hulley.  Doreen has died a few years ago and Harold (just saw today) is in a nursing home in Harrogate.  He has forgotten most of everything.  He does remember dancing.  I had lived next to him in 92-93 when he lived outside of Harrogate in Clint Banks.  He was a lovely man and still is.  Very charming.  

Glenda Nelson

Glenda Nelson,
What a lovely surprise to know Mr Hulley is still alive, but sadly Mrs H has passed away.
I worked for them whilst at Rossett high school at weekends and holidays both in the furniture store and the dance school in the arcade and the odd occasion in the olde antique shoppe in commercial road.
It was a BLAST.....Mr H always fooling about and Mrs H telling us off...

Sundays I would cut the grass at their lovely home and Mrs H would do a fantastic sunday roast. WHAT MEMORIES..MR H TAUGHT ME HOW TO TIE A TIE CORRECTLY THE WINDSOR KNOT.... 

David Robinson

I worked as the catering manager between 1979 to 1981. General manager was John Bottomley, DJ was Pete Smith. Love to hear from any other staff around this time...

Kevin Fitz-simons

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David Swain
Hi Bill. So good to hear you are OK. When you were at Tiffany's you were the best boss I ever had. My Mum Lil died 20 yrs ago and I remembered her with Elsie in the kitchen and Demi on the buffet.
25th February 2015 1:13am
Toni Mason
Hi Bill,
I remember you from the Blackpool Locarno when I was the singer with Terry Reaney's band & also from Manchester Tiffany's (thanks for getting me the job as vocalist with Tony Ravell's New Voyage) Happy Memories.
Would love to hear from you
25th November 2015 8:55am
Bill pye
Hi Toni,
Firstly a happy new year from Florida.(my daughter has lived in the usa for21 years). Reading your message evokes so many memories. I read that terry reaney still plays in the Blackpool area. It's many years since I was in Blackpool, I think it's safe to say it has changed. I now live in Devon and
Travel regularly usually by cruise ship. Love to hear your update.
2nd January 2016 2:36am
Jill MacDonald
I sang with Tony Ravell's band in the late 60s and have been trying to contact him for years!!!I used to sing with a girl group called The Dollies and we recently had a Dollies reunion. One reunion was in Perth, Australia and the year before in Liverpool for the launch of the book, "We Were There". It was great to see the original group members and all of the Lancastrians who worked with us.Even our original roadie, "Robbie" was there. If you see this Tony, contact me. I live in Cyprus.
21st October 2014 6:16pm
Kath Jones
Went to Tiffs for years in the early 70's. Good mates with the band Sunshine Cake but don't know whats happened to any of them now.Ted, Keith, Mel and Jeannie in the early days and then Cindy joined.
2nd October 2014 1:19am
Hi Kath,
Those were great times, Mel, myself, Jean, Sue, Shan and Dave Danson are all still around, but sadly both Keith and the keyboard player Paul, have passed away. So sorry to be the bringer of bad news.
Keith's passing has really badly affected me, Keith was my lifelong friend from the late 1950s onwards, and it was Keith who arranged for me to join Sunshine Cake. I will miss him for the rest of my life. Hope all is well with you, and hope you have a great New Year.
Hugs and stuff,
14th January 2015 6:14am
Linda MacPherson
Hi sorry to hear about the passing of Keith and Paul. Gosh I don't feel any older but when I read things like that I realize I am getting older lol. I remember Jean very well the singer of Sunshine Cake. Do any of you remember Sue Prince and Steve Kelly, Steve is still around and doing well but I don't know what happened to Sue
14th January 2015 9:01pm
Ted Lee
Hi young Linda May, Yes I do remember Sue And Steve, I also remember A Halloween night in which we arranged to carry Mel out in a coffin, and he was to throw off the coffin lid, and look for a suitable victim to attack. We had set this up to be you, if I remember correctly, you were dressed in a white cloth cover, under which we had fixed you up with a plastic bag full of theatrical blood, the idea being, that Mel wold run amok amongst the audience, looking for a suitable victim, until he found you. He would then, using a toy dagger, pretend to plunge the dagger into you chest, but at the same time, squeeze the plastic bag, and burst it , with the theatrical blood very realistically, going all over the white Blanket. All was going to plan, he found you, and carried out the dastardly deed with the plastic dagger. I was totally astounded and amazed by your blood curling realistic screams, until I suddenly realised, that Mel (who had sadly lost the sight in one eye) was not actually ... Read More
15th January 2015 4:23am
Bob McDermott
many fond memories of Tiffany's my Sister Linda used to be DJ in the days of Paul Rowe.
my dad used to be the handyman and sometimes doorman back in the mid 70s would you remember him John McDermott?
wonderful times.
16th December 2015 10:40pm
tony ravel
Hi Linda.
I don't know if I ever met you but Mel Dean was my drummer for a while at Tiffs Man. Also others that you mentioned. You asked about Sue Prince. A lovely lady. Sadly she died a little while before Xmas. She had a lot of trouble with her limbs and was waiting for an Operation on her knees. She was found on the floor. Possibly fell and had a heart attack. Maybe a lot more people who knew Sue will appreciate this news. We are all getting old now. Don't know where all the time has gone from those great days. Tony Ravell
14th January 2016 6:50am
Bill pye
Just read about the sad passing of Sue Prince. I worked with Sue for many years and can only think and say GREAT things about her. She was so diligent ,conscientious and a great 100% person. RIP Sue
14th January 2016 1:16pm
Bill pye
Hi tony. Firstly many congratulations on celebrating your milestone birthday. It can only be your honest and clean living.
Sad to read about Sue Prince. I have today received a message from Brian Thomson. Take care.
17th January 2016 6:33am
Hi Ted, long time no speak.
So, so, sorry to hear about Keith, he was such a wonderful guy and I know you loved him dearly. Yes they were great times at Tiff's, some of the best days of my life. Hope all is well with the family, and if I remember rightly you carried on making guitars for a while.
Love and kisses
Kath x x x
14th January 2015 10:01pm
Hi young Kath, Wow, where have all the years gone?I did as you say, carried on with my Guitar repairing business, and later began lecturing at The Leeds College Of Music, which eventually led to me becoming Head of M.I.T. at L.C.M. and also Course Leader in M.I.T. at Leeds Metropolitan University. Samantha, our Daughter, immigrated to Oz in 2002, and how's this for coincidence? Sam and Andy (her Husband) and Bob (our Grandson) moved to a place in Melbourne called Bairnsdale, where she and Andy, met a very nice chap called Paul, a fellow Mancunian, who turned out to be the very same Paul, webmaster of this site. Strange, but true. We later when I had retired, imigrated to Bairnsdale in Oz, to re-join our family, and met and became great friends with Paul and his family, what a great team they are. But I soon realised, that old saying, you can take the boy out of Manchester, but you can't take Manchester out of the boy, in Pauls case,is very true. (Although he is very happy in ... Read More
21st January 2015 8:15am
Kath Jones
Hey you, less of the 'young', I'm 62 in April ha ha. Had a look at all your old pics, would recognize you anywhere, you didn't change at all. You probably don't remember but I married whilst you were still with the band, unfortunately am now divorced. I have a son who is 28 (and yes, where has the time gone||). How long is it since Keith passed away, I remember he was always smiling? Cindy, I believe is in South Africa and has been for a long time now, though we're not in touch. So glad to know that you're fit and well after all this time (must be over 35 years since I last saw you), how's Brenda and your other daughter doing?
Love and Kisses
23rd January 2015 1:40am
Ted Lee
Hi young Kath, you may be a little older now, but as I am now seventy four, you will forever be young Kath. I do remember you getting married, and so sorry to hear it didn't work out. Keith joined many great musicians and friends at that great gig in the sky last year, but I would have loved to play at any venue, just one more time with him. Do you remember the night at Tiff's when Mel had a sudden rush of blood to the head, and decided to have a "Bath The Baby Night?" The idea involved bringing a tin bath onstage, {filled with water) and a baby doll, and ask if any young lady in the audience, would be willing to bath the doll. The Lady willing to accept this challenge, would receive as a reward, a (cheap) bottle of Champagne. So an unsuspecting lady, joined us on stage, but in the meantime, Mel had shot offstage, whipped all his clothes off, and wrapped a bath towel around himself in the form of a big nappy. He then sat down in the (warm) water filled bath, and the ... Read More
13th February 2015 10:59am
Kath Jones
Hi again Ted, I know just how you feel about Keith, I too lost a friend of over 40 years last year. She was only 62. Anyway, if you ever fancy a chat about old times, see if Paul will pass my email address to you and I'll give you my number. No worries either way if you don't.
Take care of yourselves.
11th March 2015 7:37pm
Toni Mason
Hello Ted,
Just to let you know that Keith valued your friendship so much - but sure you know that already. Can't believe he's gone. Miss him so much.
25th November 2015 9:00am
Ted Lee
Hi Toni,
Many, many thanks for your very kind words and thoughts, they are very much appreciated.

Keith was my lifelong friend, and our friendship began when were both so very young and full of life some time around 1958.

All the best years of my musical career initially in The Olympics, and years later the great times at Tiffanys were spent with Keith, and his passing has left a huge hole in my life and there is not a day goes by without my mind drifting back to the happy times and music we shared and how I so miss him.

I could fill a book about the times and music we shared, and Keith's unbelievable musical talent, but that's another story yet to be written.

Keith was the closest friend I ever had, and he will stay in my heart and my mind until my life's end and hopefully beyond.

Many thanks once again for your very kind words, cheers,
27th November 2015 8:42am
I was a D J at Tiffanys called Linda May Lee's when Paul Rowe was manager who is sadly not with us and Mel Dean and the Sunshine cake was the band with Steve Kelly as assistant general manager . I married Paul Rowe. Happ
y memories,a great club in its day.
2nd August 2014 12:41am
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