Time and Place

At the end of the sixties ealy seventies Time and Place was THE club in Manchester along with Blinkers, same clientel.

It was located in the old Jungfrau premises behind the Cathedral and was very upmarket.

As I remember there were two dance rooms with different music, a casino (before the laws were changed) and a small eatery with burgers etc. Joe Makin was one of the DJ's, I remember waking up on his sofa one Sunday morning with a sick bucket by my side and a message 'you are at Joes!!!'

The membership card was a key ring, for some reason I managed to get a gold membership that meant that I did't have to queue or pay to get in!!!

I still have a photo of my old car with Time and Place stickers on the back window (5 4 3 2 1 Go Time and Place)

The place closed down after the casino was forced to close...

Geoff Barrett

Brilliant club, Dave Cave was the DJ. When I hear "Grazin in the grass" by Friends of Distinction and Sly's Dance to the music it takes me right back to those wonderful days.

There has never been a club like it. I was a model, one of many that went there but it was always a great friendly atmosphere. Dave Cave was a friend of ours and we often wounder what happened to him after Time and Place.


Used to go when it was the Jungfrau and then later as Time and Place. Great club and I used to play cards and roulette.  You also used to see a lot of clebs in there  George Best, Ken Wainright  Lulu, also other club owners like Selwyn Demmy. 


We went to Time and Place every Saturday night from 1969 to early to mid 70's. I was heavily pregnant in early 1972 and as soon as we walked in, the DJ would play 'It's a family Family Affair'

We've some cracking memories of nights, dancing, nattering. It was worth paying for babysitters (and driving them back home at 3am) and the drive from Radcliffe and later Bolton. The DJ Tony Johnson?, was a very chilled black guy, he played records by Syl Johnson, Lamont Dozier and quite a lot of American artists that we would not have heard of, but for him. We also remember the very stern woman who served steak barms and chips. Super club, happy memories. 

Amy Harris

Time and Place was brilliant. Went there as many nights a week as my job in a bank would allow. Great music, great atmosphere.

Audrey Dugdale

Best club in town, 1969-1973. Who remembers my old pals John Webber, Chunky baby (Fred Fielder), Grenvill Hindley, Cliff Fletcher and many more.   

Len Lewis

A great, trendy up market club, I had my 21st party there in February 1970 as Alan Brookes' then girlfriend, Paula, was a friend of my sister Gillian. Gillian used to process all the membership forms/key fobs in our front room (which was very handy). The manager at the time was Vasco Zambelli, nice guy.

Mike Waring

My wife (then girlfriend) Lorraine and I, used to go to Time and Place during the late sixties and early seventies. Great times, we were and are still friends with Mike (the previous comments).

It was just a fun place to go, the burger egg and chips used to keep us going until the early hours. I had two jobs in those days, a day job and pumping petrol at Joe’s garage on Chorley Road in Swinton, until 11.00 pm. It was a quick dash home, a bath, pick up Lorraine and straight to Time & Place, until we were thrown out.

Lorraine still has lots from all the clubs, I attach some bits from Time & Place.

Thanks for a great site.

PS. We now live in Phuket, Thailand.

Alan Chamberlain

Hi Everyone, great to hear about the Time & Place. My father was Vasco who sadly was in the late stages of illness when I got to meet him.

His wife Heidi told me lots about his life but not about  this too much. She also has now passed away so I would be grateful if anyone out there knew my father. It sounds like it was a magical time.


Mark Zambelli

Yes, time and Place was a great club.

I used to go with my friend Meir Segal who was was a member and got me in.
Meir was known to be the luckiest roulette player in Manchester.
I gave up gambling after I lost a fiver playing blackjack at the casino.
Being a student, it was the large part of my week's budget.

Once won a dance competition with Sarah Mannering (anyone remembers?) when we danced on the small stage behind a sheet and people voted on the silhouettes.

Also, used to see occasionally Jimmy Saville and DLT at the club and rumours were circulating even then that Jimmy Saville was partial to under-aged girls.

I wonder how Janice who managed the club in 1969 is nowadays?

Anyone remembers the Kwok-Man which was (and still is in my memory) as the best Chinese food restaurant in the world.


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Topic: Time and Place
John Anderson says...
Visited the club in late 70 or early 71...invited by a bloke named Knobby who was a sort of manager of a band who I met and traveled a bit with in Germany in 69 and 70. Met George Best and Ginger Baker there...and others...good times!! My wife was ... Read More
11th January 2015 4:55pm
frank shepherd says...
this was top place for my mates & myself..we ruled the stage when dancing was on...James Brown..Sex Machine...All Right Now..free..etc..I drank Highballs and to pull in this place was dead easy if you bought drinks for the ladies...but not for ... Read More
4th January 2016 8:27am
Tom Bancroft says...
I remember Vasco Zambelli. A very pleasant guy. I was a printer and we printed lots of stuff for the Time & Place (some of which is pictured on here). I used to visit the club regularly to see him. Vasco also owned the Valley Lodge Hotel near ... Read More
12th April 2016 6:19am
Diane jaggers (Leek) says...
I worked at time and place and remember Dave Cave. Also friendly with Allan Brooks does anyone know what has happened to him?
26th October 2017 11:44am


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