The Limit
16 Wood Street
MiddletonThe Limit’ was a highly popular venue.


"They had excellent bands playing there. One of them Tom’s Rigg, a big favourite in the Manchester clubs, was managed by the DJ, Spinksie" (Ian Spinks)

For those who never went, or only visited the odd time, it was known for being decorated with all road signs, lights and the like.

Most of which, I'm sure, were genuine and not specially made. The main colours within the the club was Black and White stripes like a zebra crossing.

Dave Hancock

Played at The Limit in the mid sixties with Her Union, from Todmorden, with Pam on the organ.

Green Onions went down well! Anyone remember?

Ian Godfrey

Saturday 19th June 1965 - The Vincents played at 'The Limit'. Clearly remember the deco, with road signs, traffic signals etc.

Remember it as being a small venue and quite a lot of stairs to hawk the gear up. Small stage and dance floor but great atmosphere.

Good memories

Peter Royle

Tom's Rig, Stan Dulson, Ivan's Meads, just a few of the local groups who played at the LIMIT.

We all had a very good time meeting our friends and dancing the night away, drinking only soft drinks. mostly MODS but quite a few rockers came also.  We never had any trouble - all good mates having a good time listening to the great music played by Ian, and his cousin, whose name i have forgotten.

When the limit closed on Saturdays around 10pm, we all went to the Twisted Wheel all-nighter. Great times, fantastic MUSIC and great people.

David Brown

Loved The limit on Saturday nights - remember the Hollies playing and being ecstatic that they commented on my maxi dress! Recall the car seats and road signs.

June McNulty



The Limit pictured in 2004
The club was above the shops
(picture courtesy Graham Pilkington)

June 1964

3 December 1965
3 December 1965

18th December 1964
18th December 1964

Toms Rigg with manager Ian Spinks (middle, check jacket), a DJ at The Limit


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