The Three Cellars

The Vincents  played at the three cellars a couple of times. Particularly remember playing 'All-nighters' there.

Peter Royle

Busy club,  always packed with people. I gigged there on a few of their all nighters with The Travellers. Cellar clubs were very popular at that time.

Dave Brierley

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Topic: Three Cellars
Richard Ashworth says...
I played bass guitar in the sixties up to 2002. Did this venue a few times - once when it had been flooded and the floor was covered with 2 inches of mud but it never stopped the punters from coming in Played with The Fourways - can anyone remember ... Read More
10th May 2014 8:34pm
Joan Godfrey Nee Buckley says...
anyone remember a disco from the late 60's in Shaw, upstairs of the main street I think. DJ was Ron Matthews, had the most amazing collection of Northern Soul.
28th April 2015 7:53am

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