Nantwich Civic Hall

My band Vince Storm and the Tempests played a series of gigs at Nantwich Civic Hall in the 60's I remember that the booking agent  listed on the posters and the newspaper ads was "Arthur Kimbrell"

He booked Emile Ford and the Checkmates there and several others I believe.

I do not remember where the agent originated from.

Roger Moors

"Scales of Justice" was my group, we played there. "Charlie & Inez Foxx" was top billing that night. I was drummer in the group (still drumming).

Carl Dolan

Hi, just found an agreement for NCH, dated sat 16 Nov 1968 "SCALES OF JUSTICE" 2x50 min spots for £20:0 - that was between 5 players, 1 roadie & petrol.

We was based in Collyhurst m/c, got home about 3.00, seemed a good deal to me, LOL.

Carl Dolan

Saw The Who at Nantwich Civic Hall  - unbelievable evening. Long way to go from Salford but they were always worth it.  Must have been 1966 if remember correctly. 

Alan Fildes

I played at this venue with the "Night Train" in 1966. It was a memorable night because a vandal climbed an access ladder which gave access to the gantry from which the stage curtains were hung.  He fell from the gantry which was approx 30 feet  high but on the way down he grabbed one of the curtains and made a controlled descent as his weight tore the curtain from its retaining rings.

He landed just behind our keyboard player Bernard Southern fortunatly neither Bernard or the keyboard was damaged.The vandal jumped from the stage and dissapeared.  We then had difficulty continuing due to laughter.   

John Doward









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