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The old El Trop magic spent many happy hours in there, Michael Hartley ran the best club of all
8th July 2014 7:30pm
Peter Carr
My god good memories, yes we used to go there "The Trop" Wednesday and Friday and Saturday night we would listen to early Tony Hicks (hollies) and company. Vince the weightlifter eg bouncer was an old mate of mine. Michael the manager was a good guy a few notables used to be there my Detective mates from Lancashire Police Geoff Pickup,and his boss Peter.... Aitken... Mail me for more info....
20th May 2014 6:44pm
Dale McCamish
Met Neil Hawke and Bobby Elliott at El Trop, also my first wife. I remember Mike.
4th February 2017 11:23pm
Geoff Mann
Used to play at both these venues.

Always a bit seedy but such a good night. Our line up at the time included Bob Lang bass player with the Mindbenders. They where going through changes so Bob left and joined us for a while.

Our lead/rhythm guitarist was blind, he played with the guitar turned upside down, left handed and still Strung for right handed, so all bar chords where played upside down.
19th May 2014 8:09pm
I remember sticky carpets and bad food.
8th December 2014 3:16am

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