The Devil’s Cave

Located at 1220, Oldham Road in Newton Heath this was one of Tommy Brown’s venues which he ran with his wife Jackie.

This was the first coffee bar club that we played and had the smallest stage that we have ever played on apart from perhaps the Peppermint Lounge in Liverpool and you had to balance on the space in front of the amps to prevent falling into the audience or if we were lucky some of the girls would hold our legs and support us.

In late 1963 we played regular Sunday’s at the club and also Fridays at Browns Teenbeat Club at the Ben Brierley in Moston. (One of their other dance schools) Everybody is supposed to know where they were when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, we were at the Ben Brierley in Moston.

From The Factotums story as remembered by Steve, Jeff and Andy

(The Devil’s Cave around October 1963)



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