Northwich Memorial Hall

The "Morgue"!. If only I knew then what I do now.....

Got chatting to a small blond girl wearing a yellow knitted sort of string vest thing with a black bra!!! Circa 1963 I guess. Got dragged away by my mate who said she was dressed like a prossie! Loved her then, still do for the memory. May have been a group playing, dunno.

Missed the Beatles gig - no dosh.

Steve Povall

I have just read that the "Morgue" is to be knocked down. SHAME.

What a lot of memories I have from Christmas 1963 onwards.  Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, The Animals, The Kinks, The Hollies, The Who, The Applejacks to name but a few and I remember queuing to pay 15 shillings to see the Walker Brothers.  The support bands were great too and one who springs to mind is The Notions from Liverpool.

It was a brilliant Saturday night out, no alcohol was sold and it was 9 old pennies for a coke.

Wouldn`t it be great to collate a list of memories on this page?

Kind regards,

Patricia Bracewell

Remember wading through floods at the bull ring to see the Beatles. And the last buses home that went every where great days great memories.

Sandra Lorimer

Spent rather too much time at the bar as an underage drinker. Most memorable event was seeing and hearing Roxy Music blasting out.

Other memories, Edwin Starr and a decidedly half empty hall and half a dozen girls dancing round their handbags.

Jake Beckett





Joe Brown at Northwich Memorial Hall 1961. The Memorial Hall (The Morgue) is now demolished and a new civic building is under construction.

Roger Moors

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Topic: Harbour Lights on RSW
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Jacqui marsh says...
Hi. My cousin Micheal Hughes played in a group called the Thyrds.....came came runners up when the bow street runners won. I was so proud. Then about 8/10yrs ago Brian Mathews played their record on sounds of the 60/70's Smiley me all that day ... Read More
22nd April 2017 3:24am
andy grant says...
hi got the lp rswin any offers ,ex con
15th December 2016 10:31am
David Turner says...
We went to the hall (on motorbikes) in 1964 to see the Animals. We got there early so went to the pub across the road. We were amazed and blown away to find them in the back room, having a pre-gig drink!
29th October 2016 6:46pm
andy grant says...
hi i have the album ready steady win ,may put it on ebay ex con, plays wonderfully,i live in kent any offers accepted
15th December 2016 10:29am
Frank Renshaw says...
The Toggery Five from Stockport who came 2nd in RSG, winning the white van in the photo above, didn't feature on the album as we already had a recording contract with Parlophone Records.
17th October 2016 11:38pm
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