The Astoria
Union Street, Oldham

Saw numerous groups here, such as The Big Three, Freddie Starr and the Delmonts. My biggest thrill was seeing Trevor Morais who if I'm not mistaken had been voted the worlds top dummer, at the time, do a half hour drum Solo.

Dave Hancock

I was DJ there on Thursday & Sunday nights (Thursday was non-alcohol) in 1966 & 1967 after Gary Laine left for the Talk Of The Town

This makes me lucky enough to have seen and met some big names there such as:

Dave Dee & Co. - Small Faces - Robb Storme Group - Manfred Mann (with Paul Jones) - Paul & Barry Ryan - The Creation - Paddy Klaus & Gibson - The Equals - Foundations - Procol Harum - Spencer Davis Group - The Kinks - Sandie Shaw - Walker Bros. - Alan Price Set - Crispian St. Peters - Zoot Money - The Fortunes - The Yardbirds - Wayne Fontana - St. Louis Union - Gene PItney - Cryin' Shames - Chris Andrews - The Searchers - Billy J Kramer - Lou Christie - David Garrick - Georgie Fame - Edwin Starr

Philip Hart

18 December 1964|
18 December 1964

Tony Prince was at the Astoria in Oldham on Tuesday 12th Feb he told the story of how he was there on the same night 50 years ago when The Beatles played. It was a good night with a local group called The THREETLES who did a good Beatles set.

Hope to have another look at your site, not been on for a while. My computer is a bit up the wall sometimes, like now, it will be up the wall one of these days!

Phil Hindley

Its just over fifty years ago The Beatles appeared at the Astoria.  Tony Prince, a contributor to Manchesterbeat introduced them.

The Astoria went through a few changes  - also known as Baileys, Romeo and Juliets, Frogies and the last I heard it was a pool hall.

Jim Whatmough



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