Cats Whiskers
Union Street, Oldham

Formerly the Astoria


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Topic: Cats Whiskers, Oldham
Kevin Greenwood says...
Just to put the record straight the Cats Whiskers Oldham was not formerly the Astoria.It used to be the Grovenor cinema.It was Baileys Night Club situated at the Star Inn that used to be the Astoria. Prior to that it was the Gaumont cinema and prior ... Read More
28th June 2015 8:27pm
Terry Liversidge says...
Your spot on Kevin.I'm old enough to rember going to the Gaumont cinema at Star In Oldham with my grandad and before the film was shown an organist was raised up from below the stage and played his music to us all. Oh,and everyone stood for the ... Read More
2nd July 2015 10:53pm

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