Flintstone's Cave
Priory Street, Oldham

This was a coffee bar set up in the cellars of a derelict old pub at the top of Oldham during the slum clearance era.  All the surrounding houses had been demolished and it stood alone in a wasteland just like after the blitz.

It had some great artwork based on the Flinstones TV series; very redolant of the original Cavern club in Liverpool.

I remember playing there in the early '60s with Johny Masters and the Mastersounds. It was a good venue for local groups and teenagers under 18.

Geoff Brannick

They say if you remember the sixties your were'nt  there. I think I played there with Paul Fenda and the Teenbeats. I was on drums and the
only ventilation in the club was a loose brick in the wall behind where I sat.

Sweat down my front and stiff neck from behind. The night we played here was the date of the first Beatles UK release "Love me Do". There was no record player in the club so somehow we improvised and learnt the new song and played it that night to rapturous applause.

Chris Bowden

Flintstones Cave was on Priory St just behind George St at the top. It was in a derilict building, upstairs was a weight lifting club called the 1900 club run by a great guy called Tony Mills.

Dave Smith

Thank you for remembering Flintstones Cave. Nobody seems to know about it. We loved it.

It was like Oldhams Cavern, it was run by a man called Len, who moved to a club in Rochdale called the Pyramid when the Cave was demolished. My friend and I did the cloakroom there. But it was never as good as Flintstones. Does anyone else remember?

Gillian Messider

I remember The Cave very well. It was there when I was fourteen going on fifteen that my ambition to become a player myself was set in motion. The influence of the many groups that Len Naylor put on was enormous and led directly to me joining my first semi pro group National Grid and that led to many more years of playing professionally with Money, Seduction and JC Heavy.

Len Naylor, after The Cave closed, opened another club in Oldham called Human Jungle, just as popular as The Cave was but a somewhat different crowd, a bit more Mod and not so much Rocker. I played there myself a couple of times with National Grid.

Gillian Merrider is quite right in saying The Cave was a great little club, Oldhams answer to The Cavern, it was. Great memories.

John Needham

The guy who owned these clubs was Len Taylor, not Naylor. The Naylor in the club world was Ken Naylor of Candlelight fame.

I met up with Ken when I worked in radio at 96.2 The Revolution and he insisted on doing his own voicing on his advert - it actually turned out quite well!

Going back to Len Taylor, I worked for him for a while when he had the Mighty Metropole Garage and he took on the Citroen franchise.  I believe he now lives in Spain with his wife Angela but haven't heard of him for years. Hope this info helps.

John M Lees

The club was owned and started by Lenny Taylor from Rochdale,who after booking my group Paul Stevens and the Javelins, became our manager, and we were resident every Tuesday night, which fitted in well with our other residency at The Globe Hotel in Ashton u Lyne every Sunday lunchtime,which we sometimes shared with the Corvettes and Johnny Doran and the Strollers.

He became Johnny Rich when he joined THE Corvettes and I succeeded him as Paul Stevens and the Corvettes. We supported the Hollies at Flintstones Cave with their original line up of Don Rathbone (drums), Eric Haydock (6 string bass) and Vic Farrell (Steele) on lead guitar,who refused to turn pro with them and joined the Javelins when my lead guitarist at the time, Pete Bantoft from Droylsden suffered a brain tumour and was admitted to Ashton General.

Sad news now, because only last Wednesday we said goodbye to my original left handed rhythm guitarist Maurice Critchlow (MO) from the Javelins and from Failsworth, who filled in on lead until Vic Farrell joined and later went back onto Rhythm when I reformed the Emperors of Rhythm with Eric Farrell on drums and BUSH (Alan Fraser) on Bass (now deceased) and subsequently Rod Clare (also deceased).

We celebrated the life of MO with another of my drummers from Paul Stevens and the Opposition, Bernie Byrnes (Crestas, Boomerangs etc.,) and his wife Lynne; Dave Barrow (Hermits,Boomerangs,Clan etc.,) and his wife Jean and Sheila (Pipedream); Rod(drums) of the Pressmen; Ricky Brown (drummer) and Les from Vic Lesal Band. Mo was very good friends with Pete Cowap, and along with Bernie, we reformed the Emperors at Rochdale AFC on my return from Oz. What a great guy Mo was, so please visit my site to see pics of him with me and Javelins at Flintstones and The Pyramid. The site is paulstevensentertains.info 

Hope this helps to remember my good best mate Maurice Critchlow RIP who ended his career at The Willows on lights and sound.

Paul Stevens

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Topic: Flintstones Cave, Oldham
Rod Long says...
I played with a Liverpool group called Alby and the Sorrals and we played at the Cave in 1963. We did the first spot in Rochdale and the last spot in Oldham and the other way around.
19th October 2014 11:19pm
Brian Cooper says...
Many good memories of the cave and then the human jungle which was the new venue at the top of the town.Country Gents volume just blew your mind.
5th September 2015 1:45am

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