The Domino
Grey Mare Lane, Openshaw

Who remembers the Domino Club on Grey Mare Lane? Some fantastic acts on there including James Brown and 'Little' Stevie Wonder. The Hollies were always on as were Syd and Eddie (Little and Large).

Great club and some great memories. 

Pat Young

Advertised Sat, 19 Aug 1967


Forgot the main club I used for quite a while  - The Domino Club on Grey Mare Lane, Beswick.  Just out of town but they had plenty of stars on. A lot went on to Opportunity Knocks such as Ken Goodwin, Bernard Manning, Tony Holland "Mr Mucle", Danny and the Dominators, Freddie and the Dreamers, Dave Plumb and the Stones, even Joseph Lock.

Jim Mason

These gigs are from the Manchester Evening News:

  • Edwin Starr backed by Sol Byron and Senate Showband on 14 October 1966. They then went on to the Princess Club in Chorlton. Starr was on the Ike & Tina Turner tour.
  • The Vibrations (plus 7 great acts, one of which I think was The Noblemen with Martin Barre on guitar pre-Jethro Tull). After this show, straight to Princess Club, Chorlton.
  • The Coasters (with The Noblemen featuring Martin Barre on guitar) on 20 November 1966. Straight on to Princess Club in Chorlton.
  • Ben E King - 18 November 1966

Nick Warburton

Yes - hired a coach from Halifax for my 21st, Sid and Eddie were on. They also had a little monkey that you could have your photo taken with, Happy days.

Daphne Murphy

Just come across this after talking about the Domino Club at work yesterday. I well remember Bill Hayley and the Comets in one of there comeback gigs. Who remembers the 'supper tickets' that you had to buy to get a drink after the normal pub closing hours. Bloody robbery.


Tommy Hardy was the dj - all top bands comedy acts and the great Freddy Starr and the Delmontss before he were known with his worn down stack shoes with turned up wincklepickers.

Great club, great nights.  Met my 1st husband there and dragged him along anywhere Billy Fury was playing.

Kids today missed a wonderful era xxx


Worked at The Domino from my 18th birthday till I was about 22. My pitch was the first one on the left as you go down the steps(on the left) facing the stage. Next to 'Uncle Ted Smalley, who went on to the club in Stockport (was it called the "poco-a-poco"?)

My brother Derek had the pitch alongside till he left, then it was taken over by Noel. Above me on the rail was Butch.   I met my wife there about 1965. Still together,now living in New Zealand,since 1974. The only big names that I don't recall seeing were the Beatles and the Stones. The "Old Man",MrMoss, did'nt want another night like the night Freddie & The Dreamers were on.Everyone thought there was going to be a riot,but it passed off OK. Anyone remember me (Ken Hartley) or my wife Maureen,or you just want to reminisce drop me an email

Ken Hartley

One night in late 60s we saw a band called The Government.Brilliant singer, David Coverdale, who later joined Deep Purple.


I remember passing the Domino Club on the 53 bus on my way home from work 1969/70 and there was a group playing there called Johnny Ball and the Four Skins ,I couldn't stop laughing I was only 16/17 so still had a schoolboy humour, the rest of the passengers didn't seem so amused.

Paul Hopkinson

I remember this club whilst growing up on Whitworth Street facing the Technical College.  I was too young to visit but always remember the famous names appearing like The Drifters. Used to walk passed the place on way to Grey Mare Lane Market to buy the latest Beatle single with my cousin Carl!

reat photographs that really brought the memories flooding back.  Keep it up !

Graham Robinson

Saw Lulu at the Domino, pretty sure it was 1966

Colin Wood

My parents met here, my late father Bill Waterhouse was a waiter here, with another man called Roland Marks ( whom would later become his best man). It would have been around 1959/ 1960, my dad was former Royal Navy, originally from Portsmouth, he was a real character and sadly missed, ( like so many of his era he could have done stand up comedy,) he was so observational, a very funny man,with a life experience from sailing  the world!

He went on to work for Dougie Flood  for many years at his clubs; The Broadway, Northern, Blighty's, Tramtracks, and Sinatra's. He had started at 'The Old Loom' on Moston Lane working for Dougies Mum!

Dougie Flood once came to my Dads house in Chadderton in a Mini Moke, and let us (me and my younger sister)  sit in the back whilst he chatted with Dad!

Great days !

David Waterhouse

I remember the resident trio The Jeff Set with a great sax. Also saw The Move singing Flowers in the rain, late 60s I think.

My sister worked in the cloak room, her now husband waited on tables.

John Holmes

Before it was the Domino Club, it was the Princess Picture House.

I lived 5 mins round the corner in Marthe Street.  The shop next door was Quarmby's sweet shop and behind it was the Travelers Caravan Park.

I remember when it closed down.  I was not old enough to drink but my brother John went nearly every night "tart hunting" as he called it.

I amg George Brown. If any one remembers me, get in touch. I live in Blackpool but remember happy days in Bradford.

George Brown

This picture brought back many memories as I lived in Gill St. (Graham St) which was situated behind the Princes Picture House (Domino Club). I have a recollection of massive fire at the Princes - probably c 1948(?)

Alan Davies

I went to the club in 1958 onwards. I also worked on the conversion from a cinema to the great club it was. I live in alice street just down the road.

Ronny Moss was the owner he started a Sunday football team which my mate and I were players.

The Domino was really a great place to be on a weekend top bands good beer and lovely girls.

Alan (pancho}Bramwell    

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Topic: The Domino Club
Phil Gilmore says...
I never went to the club, but passed it often whilst working on stalls on Grey Mare Lane Market on Saturdays. I worked for a guy called Les, who sold cheap jewellery (he used to MC wrestling bouts and regularly appeared on TV. I also worked for a ... Read More
5th April 2014 1:49pm
Graham Wray says...
Love the poster for Domino. We were a support act when Bonzo Dog and Billy Fury were on. Got a Bonzo Dog leaflet thing and 2x Billy Fury autograph. Great nights. Great site.
8th April 2014 12:01am
H. Vincent says...
Dear Moderator, would you be so kind to forward this to the e-mail of Mr Graham Wray? Very much obliged. Dear Mr Graham Wray, I am a Dutch researcher and I'm currently preparing an essay with an overview of all the Bonzo Dog Band's and ... Read More
13th November 2015 10:09am
Brian Gibbs says...
I remember playing at The Domino Club with Graham Wray and The Answers. I also remember playing there with Dennis Shuttleworth who replaced Graham as bass guitarist in The Answers circa 1966. It was one of my favourite clubs as it was a big ... Read More
9th January 2016 8:36am
Joe Rosheski says...
Was a member of the Domino club around 1967.  Some some top bands there  - Foundations, Drifters, Hollies, etc.  Top act came on around 11pm. Good memories.
21st April 2014 11:50pm
leeworthington says...
my friend at work tells me his dad worked the door. His claim to fame is that he had to escort max wall of stage back to his car after insulting the ordiance
12th October 2014 7:11pm
david whittle says...
Ive seen some of the greatest rock groups and singers over the years but two that stick in my mind were Dusty Springfield at Mr Smiths and Little Richard at the Domino Club . the Domino club was shaking with people standing on tables as Little ... Read More
9th November 2014 3:07am
lennyharte says...
Used to watch Ben E King seemed to always be on there in the early 60's, best club around till I found the Warren in Bredbury and Bredbury Hall, all great clubs and great nights out.
26th November 2014 7:50am
Philip Lowe says...
I saw Mandy Rice Davies there.She made a spectacular ebtrance in tight shimmering silver dress and stood on stage looking down at the audience as if they were something smelly.A lad called Ronnie Thorns shouted out,'What's it like under the ... Read More
4th January 2015 6:11am
Don Levitt says...
The Embers in the 60's played there on quite a few time one stands out the most at The Domino we was waiting behind the curtains ready to perform when a girl came through the curtains and fell over the drums legs in the air this got a great ... Read More
9th May 2015 7:26pm
Leo Baxendale says...
I was an absolute regular at the club from 62 to 69, including Wednesday ' Stag nights', fantastic place. I recall many of the artists mentioned in previous comments. I would also add a liking for the one time resident band - Danny Lee and ... Read More
15th May 2015 8:57pm
Danny Lee says...
Thanks for the good word Leo. Great nights at the Domino. The lads and I enjoyed every minute and made heaps of friends over the couple of years we featured as resident group. Sid and Eddie ... Loved 'em! Cheers, Danny
2nd April 2016 4:24pm
Jeff says...
I remember the Domino Club very well as I played there numerous times with "The Beatvendors"along with Syd & Eddie, Jimmy Tarbuck etc before they made it big on tv. We had to be there early to set up but couldn't go in until the ... Read More
18th August 2015 9:40am
Don Levitt The Embers says...
The Embers i remember playing support to Screaming Jay Hawkins at the Domino or at Princess Theatre Club not sure which one remember his wife with her hair down to her ankles never seen hair so long before
Great memories Don Levitt The Embers.
24th January 2016 1:41am
Joe Rosheski says...
I joined the Domino club in 1968 had some great times there,saw Lulu the Foundations the Hollies live there good memories.
15th February 2016 6:17pm
stevethemanc says...
I lived 2 minutes walk away in Bartlett Street as a kid, Two of my uncles went there every week, I remember how smartly dressed they would be and my uncle Bernard spending twenty minutes to iron a shirt.
21st May 2016 10:04am
Winston Marshall says...
The domino was my local. First we started off in the Victoria corner of Grey Mare Lane and Wellington street. also when I was on nights at the Steel Friday night I took my suit because we finished at 9 00 pm went straight there. I joined about 1961 ... Read More
13th July 2016 7:44am
Mike Batty says...
Worked there many times,I was a magical act called Meldini and his doves,anyone remember.
19th September 2016 5:17am
Malcolm Barrett says...
Just talking to a couple who saw the Beatles at the Southern in 1963.Got me thinking about Domino days.Soon as i was 17/18 i went all weekend. Drifters. Ben E King in fact Status Quo backed him.sang pictures of matchstick men first. Saw Otis Redding ... Read More
6th October 2016 12:12am
Dave Roberts says...
My brother and I were at the Chuck Berry concert on 17/02/1967 and in the row behind us were most of the group Wayne Fontana and The Mindbenders, including Wayne himself and Eric Stewart. Eric was a friend of my brother and, on a couple of ... Read More
19th January 2017 9:26pm
Peter Greenwood says...
dave I remember the mindbeders well, Eric lived in Prince St which was the next street to mine, I remember going to the Domino club most Saturday nights after a session in the Townley, I got Ben E Kings autograph on my plaster cast, broke my leg ... Read More
10th May 2017 6:11am
Dave Roberts (Kilkenny Ireland) says...
Liverpool had nothing on the Manchester Sound
7th September 2017 7:49am
Bill Jenkins (Abergele) says...
Hi Dave You are the only one to mention chuck berry what a night to this day I still talk about that night Some great acts not mentioned Dallas Boys, USA act the Coasters number 1 in the charts at the time boo’d off. And don’t forget ... Read More
26th October 2017 10:54pm
Dave Roberts (Kilkenny Ireland) says...
Nice to hear from you Bill, fantastic show that night, hard to forget seeing a great guy play live!!. See you are Abergele guy, we had a trailer on Owens Farm Caravan Park in the 50's into early 60's in Towyn, a great area to live and ... Read More
27th October 2017 1:07am
Dave Roberts (Kilkenny Ireland) says...
Does anyone remember this venue as the Princess Cinema. Went there every Saturday Mat. for 9pence admission( free if you could sneek in under a coat :-)
7th September 2017 7:45am

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