The Astoria
Plymouth Grove

I lived in Manchester in the late 50's and early 60's.  I used to go the the Astoria Irish Club.  I can't think of the address but it was just a short bus ride from the city.  In fact I often walked it. 

There was another Irish club near Ardwick but I can't think of the name of it.  I was nursing at Crumpsall Hospital at the time.  I think that has changed names now.  I think it could be the North West General now. 

I did hear that the Astoria changd it's name to something like the ArdrRi.  What I would really like to know is the owners name because his son always gave the nurses a free ride home.  I always thought the name was Jewish but it seems he originated in Co Galway.

Patricia Roche

Can anyone remember in 1961, I was the female singer with Tony Stewart's band at Astoria Ballroom, Plymouth Grove.

I have one picture which is showing its age which was of our 'crazy night'.  I turned up dressed as a beatnik and all the furniture was stuck to the ceiling  - brilliant night. We used to have The Ceilidh Band as guests and The Saints and many more. The other female vocalist was called Alma her husband played in the band.

It would be great to catch up with anyone who played in the band or even watched us

Kathleen O'Neil

The owner was Bill Fuller, an Irish property developer and impressario. He had ballrooms, hotels and Irish Clubs in England, Ireland, and the U.S.A. (City Centre Ballroom in New York). 

Jay Fitzgerald

For Patricia Roche. I came down from Scotland in 1964 and worked in Manchester for a couple of years and lived on Plymouth Grove before returning home. We went to the Astoria a lot in those days where a lot of the Irish show bands used to appear but I think the name of the club near Ardwick was the Shamrock on Brunswick Street and I remember seeing Val Doonican on the bill there one night. Happy days. 

Leo Stone

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Steve Griffin
I used to go to the Astoria Plymouth Grove on Sunday afternoons in the late 1950s. Dancing and big band jazz. Long before 4 guys with guitars. Real music with great lyrics in those days.
I live in America and still listen to that music on Sirius XM.
25th October 2015 1:29pm
Elizabeth bradbury
My father Jim Reid people used to call him (Jimmy Jock he was from Scotland) played the drums in the Irish traditional band in the sixties, when the big band went for a break.

I remember the crazy night - my dad thought it up, I remember the tables and chairs were fixed to the celling. My mum worked in the cloak room and myself and brother used to sleep in there on a sofa.
13th April 2015 11:05pm

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