The Riverboat Club
Gt Cheetham Street, Salford





Remember this club well, I was 18 and a great place to take your girlfriend , or go with your mates.

Good entertainment , while eating your chicken in the basket and a dance on the stage.


Yes chicken in a basket after a few pints at the Post Office pub just round the corner, i remember The Symbols and the Bonzo Dog then walking home to Littleton Road all down hill perhaps as well.

Alan Fildes

Memories coming back playing the Riverboat Club. Compere was Deek Rivers, the dance floor was the extended front stage and whilst waiting to go on stage  with all the amps and drums stacked at the side. It collapsed in the middle, due to the weight of people on it!!!

We had to work the edge of stage ... I used the house drums.  Talk about health and safety.

John Bracewell (Beatones)

Remember working behind the bar, also as a waiter back in 65/66. The Club was owned/run by Graham Bramley, and my Great Uncle had something to do with it (Fred Darnell). Back in the day of the comedians and strippers!

Alan Crossley



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Vincent Meehan
Forgot to add, the Riverboat closed and became Potter's Snooker Club with John Virgo as manager.
22nd June 2016 5:49am
Vincent Meehan
The Riverboat Club, what a joint! If memory serves it was owned by a gentleman called Dougie Flood. A crest with the initials 'DFE' (for Dougie Flood Enterprises) adorned the bar. Quite a few of my 'firsts' occurred at the Riverboat!
22nd June 2016 5:46am
Kevin Meehan
The Riverboat was quite a busy cabaret club in it's time, open 5/6 nights a week. Part of a chain, sister clubs Bossa Nova and oceans 11 among them. I worked there '67/70 and served a lot of Youngers beer to mostly kind and courteous customers. A fellow called Deek Rivers was the compere and later, he changed his name to Wolf Montgomery. I saw some great comedians on stage, George Roper, Jack Diamond, and Al Showman among them. Very funny. Many stars played there too. The Drifters, The Turtles, Maori Castaways, Johnny Hackett. I witnessed some wild cowboy fights while there, John Wayne would have felt right at home in. They happened occasionally on the Thursday stag nights. Like other clubs the Riverboat finally faded, became a shadow of its former self and closed its doors. I was a fresh 18yr old at the start, the staff looked after me. I learned a lot really fast and enjoyed most of my time among them. Good memories - Kevin Meehan
7th August 2015 12:23am
Albert Hilton
Just found these great ads for the club
13th May 2014 10:41pm

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