Bower Club
Mottram Road, Stalybridge

I went to the Wednesday Night Discos around 1968 /1969.

Aimed at those not yet old enough to get into other Clubs, the Bower Club was hugely popular with local 15 - 18 year old’s and for many, like me, it was a great opportunity to enjoy a cheap, mid-week Disco session.

The club played a lot bubblegum music (popular in the late 60s) with a big chunk of Motown, Soul and Reggae and thrown in.

I can remember a DJ (I think he was called Bill) who used to regularly play Otis Redding’s “Amen” at the end of the night, which everybody sang along to.

Memorable records include: - Crazy Elephant - Gimme Good Lovin,   Desmond Dekker and the Aces - Israelites and Edwin Starr - 25 miles.

The Bower Club nurtured my desire to be a DJ and having won one of their DJ competitions, I managed to blag my way into a DJ slot on Sunday nights at the Mecca Birdcage in Ashton and later set up my own Mobile Disco, which ran until the early 80s.

Happy Days!

Dave Jones

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Topic: Bower Club, Stalybridge
Sharon Horan says...
The under 18s discos were still running well into the 70s> I used to go every Wednesday from 1973. Our DJ's were Pip & Dave Parker & Pete (I think)they were my 1st introduction to Northern Soul & learning how to do the dancing. ... Read More
28th January 2015 3:32am
John medhurst says...
Hi sharon Grays was run from 1979 till 1990 and for six years there I was the DJ. We had some great nights as well with a great crowd and Wednesday nights was ladies night witb billy hotrocks..... REMEMBER IT WITH REAL FONDNESS cheers john medhurst
3rd February 2016 2:04am
Mike Hammond says...
Is this the John Medhurst who moved from down south to Manchester to become a real Englishman. The same guy we met in Ibeza when the SIDS crew all went for a holiday of a lifetime? That John Medhurst ?
15th July 2016 12:08am
John medhurst says...
Alive and kicking Mike living in Ireland how are you cheers john
26th August 2016 6:35am
Mike Hammond (Brackenhurst South Africa) says...
Hi John, Sorry pal but I've only just seen your reply from over a year ago. All is well with us in deepest, darkest Africa. I was just checking to see if anyone had put anything on re SIDS but it seems to have been forgotten. Was over last year ... Read More
20th November 2017 7:23pm
karen Godfrey says...
Hi John Medhurst, were you from Orpington originally, I came up one weekend to see you, many years ago, I lived in Orpington at the time with my parents, probably would not remember me I was very shy in those days, hope you are well, Karen Godfrey
14th September 2016 10:25am
john medhurst says...
Hi Karen I was from Orpington l am sorry don't remember your visit hope your well cheers
22nd May 2017 5:31am

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