The Bamboo Club
Hazel Grove

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Topic: Bamboo Club
Mick Ward says...
Peppertree played here quite a few times a great club, also went to see Mud and Sweet just when Funny Funny had just been released.
28th June 2015 9:50pm
Bob Squire says...
Remember the Bamboo in George Melly days-John Chilton's Feetwarmers and George "disappearing" in the interval-they had to search out the local pubs to get him back! Great times and brilliant music....
9th January 2016 11:28am
Brian Rogers says...
My brother 'Roy Rogers' played many times at the Bamboo, he played the Clarinet and Sax plus vocals. He had several bands that he fronted, The Jazz Hatters, Chicago Teddy Bears to name a couple. Roy also played with The Johnny Tippet Jazzmen ... Read More
12th February 2017 3:43am
BOB SQUIRE says...
melly was a one off hero
9th January 2016 11:30am
Johnny Bran says...
The Stockport area was a great place to be in the 60/70s. Great clubs and pubs. I lived in Hazel Grove and Clive Beeley was an old mate of mine so I would regularly frequent the Bamboo. Monday nights were special I remember Lucas with the Mike ... Read More
10th January 2016 11:27pm

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