The Kingfisher
25a Warren St, Andrew Square, Stockport

May 30th 1963


The Kingfisher was situated upstairs in a building behind a pub called the Kings Head.

I think it is now a shop selling furniture, and it was at the crossroads opposite Asda supermarket.  I first knew it as the Koquette Club. 

I was probably about 16 when I used to go (1962). After a while, it changed names to the Kingfisher, and used to see all the up and coming groups there. I frequented all the local clubs at this time in my life, Manor Lounge, Kings Hall, Stockport Town Hall, Adswood Youth Cclub, etc etc, depending where my favourites were playing.  There was plenty to chose from, so eventually I stopped going, prefering other clubs.

Another change of name later on seemed a bit ironic. Tthe name was, Blazes. Guess what? It burned down!  The building was pulled down a long time ago, and I'm not sure if it has been built on yet. 

I now live in Spain and only visit Stockport occasionly, so I'm not very up to date with things. 

Dave Moore

The Kingfisher Club in Stockport was previously called the KoQuete Club which was above a car show room in Andrews Square. The Hollies played there. The floor used to vibrate when you were dancing and loud music was played.

nother buzzing place in the late sixties was the Enchanted Castle (The George Hotel) Mersey Square amd another hang out was Joe's Cafe Romiley plus St Albans Church Disco, Offerton.

Frank Quigley

Went to the Kingfisher regularly. Bands I recall playing there - Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders, Pete Mclaine & the Clan & Dave Berry & the Cruisers.

Peter Fone

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Topic: Kingfisher Club, Stockport
Carol Pierce says...
I first entered the Kingfisher Club in the early sixties to meet a friend, who didn't turn up. May, who ran the club for Reg Pickstock, asked me if I wanted a job there. I worked there, and occasionally at the Manor Lounge, for a couple of ... Read More
17th June 2014 10:42pm
Martha (Stockport) says...
Hi Carol
Are you still living in Stockport ? if you are on Facebook they have now started lots of groups manor lounge, tab etc enjoy !!
25th January 2018 8:10am

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