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The PocoPoco, Stockport on Manchesterbeat - the group and music scene of Manchester in the 60s

The Poco-Poco

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Ian Kinsey
Surely someone remembers the poco a poco in stockport, circa 1969 / 1970 / 1971. I played there so many many times as strange brew with a lot of big stars such as The Shadows, The Peddlars. The Searchers, Gerry Marsden, Engelbert Humperdink and many more. Even David Bowie was there in his early days. Fred Shaw was the compere, followed by Vince Millar, both great guys.

If you do get in touch, this was one of the very finest cabaret clubs in the UK, and I have played them all.
2nd January 2017 4:19pm
Yes i remember the club .
I was one of the joiners that started and finished the fit out of the club names of joiners was Geff .arthur and my self john .
We built all the fittings bars wall panels .stage backstage .walls offices changing rooms lighting box control .lounge foyer seating infact the opening night we made and fitted it out.
After the club opened i stayed on for maintenance .then i would be on the lighting along with Tony.worked with frankie howard .cliff richard .ect
keath marsden own the club .mike stillwell running it stage manager was donald ie chunky.joe lamb .
9th February 2017 10:08pm
Rose Morris
remember the Poco-a-Poco very well, I worked there for ten years with Vince Miller, and when Alas Kay sold it to Whitbreads, lots of things changed. The new manager was Rodney Warr,he and Vince together with myself and Kath Pell worked our socks off, but it was well worth it. Happy days indeed !!!!!
21st February 2017 7:27am
Hi Rose.
was joe lamb manager when you worked at the club.
21st February 2017 2:06pm

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