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The PocoPoco, Stockport on Manchesterbeat - the group and music scene of Manchester in the 60s

The Poco-Poco

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Topic: The PocoPoco
Ian Kinsey says...
Surely someone remembers the poco a poco in stockport, circa 1969 / 1970 / 1971. I played there so many many times as strange brew with a lot of big stars such as The Shadows, The Peddlars. The Searchers, Gerry Marsden, Engelbert Humperdink and many ... Read More
2nd January 2017 4:19pm
john says...
Yes i remember the club . I was one of the joiners that started and finished the fit out of the club names of joiners was Geff .arthur and my self john . We built all the fittings bars wall panels .stage backstage .walls offices changing rooms ... Read More
9th February 2017 10:08pm
Rose Morris says...
remember the Poco-a-Poco very well, I worked there for ten years with Vince Miller, and when Alas Kay sold it to Whitbreads, lots of things changed. The new manager was Rodney Warr,he and Vince together with myself and Kath Pell worked our socks ... Read More
21st February 2017 7:27am
john says...
Hi Rose.
was joe lamb manager when you worked at the club.
21st February 2017 2:06pm
John Hough says...
Spent most of our Friday nights mid seventies in the Poco we used to hang around the disco part at the front of the club .Also remember the beer they sold Mansfield bitter always gave you a bad head the morning after .Good memories of the Poco
28th March 2017 8:48am
robert parkes says...
As far as I can remember, the first act (or certainly one of the first) acts to appear at the Poco was the Morton Fraser harmonica gang"...I also remember Guy Mitchell, Tommy Trinder (died on his a***), Mike and Bernie Winters,Kathy Kirby, Bill ... Read More
28th March 2017 10:12pm
john says...
Yes i new keith. I was one of the joiners that built the club along with Arthur and Geoffrey From building the bars to timber paneles to the wall .building the stage and and back stage .dressing rooms .lighting control box. Bench seating in the ... Read More
29th March 2017 12:12am
robert parkes says...
Blimey John, I remember you very well now ! I also remember Tony..When Tony left, I replaced him as lighting/sound guy for about a year and a half..I was only 15 yrs old ..Fantastic days they were as well !! I went on to join "Sweet ... Read More
3rd April 2017 9:47pm
robert parkes says...
Just remembered...When Keith lost the Poco, Alan Kay bought it...I clearly remember he paid £54k for it FREEHOLD !!...Can you imagine how sick Keith was ?...Alan Kay went on to hold a big charity night for a murdered policeman, then applied for a ... Read More
3rd April 2017 10:08pm
john hibbert says...
Well Robert. i now live in Australia. Arthur one of the three of us joiners that built the club as since past away some 10 years ago he was my brother in law and a great guy. Yes i was 21 at the time.mike Stillwell was manager at that time.keath had ... Read More
4th April 2017 11:21am
Sue Owen says...
Smile I remember it well, I had my hen night there and danced with Frankie Vaughan on the stage whilst he sang "Give me the moonlight, give me the girl" and another night when Diane Warwick was on. This was 1977.
19th May 2017 5:52pm
Dave Moore says...
I also saw Dionne Warwick there, she was my favourite singer and I got tickets for free. Many yrs later, I was in Las Vegas and Dionne was appearing at one of the top hotels but it was about 3 or 400 Dollars to see her. I didn't go.
29th May 2017 8:16pm
Pam says...
Does anyone know what year Roy Orbison played at the Poco a Poco
20th May 2017 7:25am
Lisa Tweedie (Wellington) says...
Does anyone know what happened to Joe Lamb who was manager there for a while?
12th July 2017 8:42am
John Hibbert (ESK) says...
Hi lisa.
I remeber joe lamb from when i was joiner fitting out the club.i think joe became manager for a time .
Im not certain if he was there after keith died.
19th July 2017 1:46am

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