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The PocoPoco, Stockport on Manchesterbeat - the group and music scene of Manchester in the 60s

The Poco-Poco

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Topic: The PocoPoco
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John Hibbert (ESK) says...
Hi lisa.
I remeber joe lamb from when i was joiner fitting out the club.i think joe became manager for a time .
Im not certain if he was there after keith died.
19th July 2017 1:46am
Lisa Tweedie (Wellington) says...
Does anyone know what happened to Joe Lamb who was manager there for a while?
12th July 2017 8:42am
Pam says...
Does anyone know what year Roy Orbison played at the Poco a Poco
20th May 2017 7:25am
Dave Moore says...
I also saw Dionne Warwick there, she was my favourite singer and I got tickets for free. Many yrs later, I was in Las Vegas and Dionne was appearing at one of the top hotels but it was about 3 or 400 Dollars to see her. I didn't go.
29th May 2017 8:16pm
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