The Tabernacle
Hillgate, Stockport
(later Sgt Peppers)

Never heard antone mention Jimmy Cohen who used to DJ at the Tabernacle Club Stockport. He played a lot of what we now term as northern soul.

I remember going with him some mates and Jimmy Cliff, after his act, to the Capriccio Cafe in Stockport for a coffee then on the Jimmys flat in Heaton Moor to listen to records.Whatever happened to Jimmy? 

Bernard Roberts

Went there from 67' to its change to Sgt Peppers, which completely ruined the place. Saw Edwin starr there, Pyramids, Jimmy Ruffin to name a few. Loved the place, My intro to the soul scene and still with it. Only sold soft drinks so people used to go out to the pubs on Hillgate.

Love to know what happened to all the people that used to go there.

Paul Blackburn

I used to go to the Tabernacle and also The Sinking Ship (further down Lower Hillgate, down a ginnel opposite Winter's jewellers) in 66/67 prior to joining the RAF.

I can't ever remember seeing any live acts on there, just a DJ playing records and have vivid memories of a girl taking over the dancefloor to 'Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher'.

The Sinking Ship also only sold soft drinks and I coincidentally ended up marrying the young girl (Marcia Connell)who sold the said drinks! The Ship unfortunately 'burnt down' in 67. Marcia can remember Jimi Hendrix playing there! His guitar was taller than she was at 4' 11".

Ian Mac Gilvery


I remember seeing The Love Affair and Amen Corner there in 1967

Christine Condon

As a student at Moseley Hall Grammar School in Cheadl e a whole group of us used to go to The Tabernacle and drink in th epubs on Hillgate and Higher Hillgate. I recall seeing Pink Floyd there in April 1967, Amen Corner, Small Faces, Hendrix, Jimmy Cliff and lots of others.

Sid Rose

I used to go to the Tab. every weekend and on a Wednesday too I think.Also the Cappricio cafe for Russian tea ( oh so sophisticated !). We used to go regularily to the Bamboo in Hazel Grove too.

My friends were Lynn Beswick, Lesley Wilkinson,Carol Taylor .We also hung about with Mavis Bek and her two friends.

Sometimies at the weekend we would go into town to Takis or Sloopys. Saw so many bands at the Tabernacle I've probably forgotton half of them. It was great because not licensed we could get away with being 16 although we were only just 14.

I remember Jimmy Cliff being on all the time (and they were great nights ) and Long John Baldry.I'm sure people don't believe we saw bands like Pink Floyd , Jimmy Handrix, Rod Stewart with the Faces etc. for 5s and 2s6d in the week(or was it 2s6d at weekends and 2s in the week).

The first time we went the Nashville Teens were playing. I remember the light show with Pink Floyd and came out feeling a bit peculiar.We used to stick individual eyelashes on and paint in the bottom level and one night we pe'd heard Vaseline would make your eyelashes shimmer ,however dancing in that heat all night we went to the loo to see ourselves looking like a pair of pandas- our street cred. down the tube ! Also those ultra violet lights that showed up every speck of dust and all your freckles weren't too flattering.I used to leave at the very last minute and fly over St Thomas' rec. in the pitch dark to stay just a few minutes longer . What great times - what a great place !

Irene Taylor

I used to go to the Tabernacle Club from 1967.  I remember seeing Hendrix, Cat Stevens, Amen Corner and many more.  I can remember the leatherette seating on the left as you went in and then further on a large space for dancing.  My mum used to work for a company on Canal Street, which was just round the corner and she regularly got someone's autograph for me if she spotted anyone leaving Strawberry Studios.

One day she was admiring a car parked outside when someone said "what do you think love".  When she looked round she recognised Bernard Manning.  He offered to take her for a spin but she didn't have time as she was on her dinner break. 

Used to go to the Caprice and drink the tea with lemon served in glasses. 

Lots of memories, standing in the record booths in Neil and Hardy's on a Saturday deciding which 45 or EP to buy.  Recording Pick of the Pops on my record player every Sunday afternoon.

Incidentally I have a photo of my mum and dad on their wedding day - taken outside the Tabernacle but when it used to be a church.  

Jan Garvey

Does anybody know of a guy called "Len" that use to frequent The Tabernacle in late 1960's???
Would like to get back in touch.

Debbie Blackburn

I used to go to Tabernacle - saw Small Faces there.  Does any one remember the Manor Lounge near Blossoms pub  - had some great nights there too - saw Dave Dee, Dozy, Mick and Tich there. 

Victoria Rayson

I went to the Tabernacle many times and saw some amazing bands.  Pink Floyd with their white sheets and oil slide projections (how things have changed!), The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, Jimmy Cliff, Cat Stevens, Amen Corner, The Faces, Julie Driscoll & the Brian Auger Trinity ('Wheels on Fire' is the Ab Fab theme), The Purple Gang and many more. 

My best memory is standing talking to Jimmy Hendrix and asking him where he got his 'military jacket' from (old Hussar type jacket) and he said 'Moss Brothers' which we all though was funny at the time.  He gave me a signed copy of 'Hey Joe' on which he wrote "walk both ways while taking a trip" and "dig the sounds". 

Great memories!

Paul Quin

People I saw at the Tabernacle - Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Cliff (several times), the woman dancer from Ready, Steady, Go (the guys should remember that night!).

Jimmy Cliff used to do break dancing moves.

Jan Burke (was Janet Eaton)

Acts that appeared at the Tab included

Friday, 27 January 1967: The Small Faces
Sunday, March 12, 1967: The Smoke
Friday, March 17, 1967: The Cryin' Shames
Sunday, March 19, 1967: The Koobas
Friday, March 24, 1967: The Family, plus The Powerhouse 
Saturday, March 25, 1967: The Nashville Teens
Sunday: March 26, 1967: The Jimi Hendrix Experience, billed as Jimmi Hendrix 
Easter Monday: March 27, 1967: Amen Corner 
Friday, April 28, 1967: Pink Floyd
Sunday, May 28, 1967: The Jeff Beck Group
Friday, July 7, 1967: Family
Friday, July 21, 1967: The Easybeats
Sunday, September 3, 1967: The Jeff Beck Group
Sunday, October 15, 1967: The Herd
Sunday, February 4, 1968: Plastic Penny

Courtesy John H. Warburg

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Topic: Tabernacle
Kaye Penny says...
I remember The Tabernacle, the Sinking Ship, the Manor Lounge and the Bamboo, but the best was the Tab. We went every week and saw all the above groups and more for a couple of bob each and stood about 2 feet away whilst they performed in front of ... Read More
14th May 2014 9:54pm
bernard roberts says...
Hi Kaye of course I remember you. Ashamed to admit but I think I still have a record of yours by Homer Banks "hooked by love" I`m reigniting my interest in all the old clubs and including the Twisted wheel and Bluenote club. There are two ... Read More
28th October 2014 4:46am
Peter Baldwin says...
Happy, happy days, The Fab Tab, anyone remember the all nighters ? Saw all the top acts there, Everything from The Crazy World of Arthur Brown setting fire to the stage to carrying fainting girls out of the Love Affair gig. Remember dancing on the ... Read More
15th August 2015 3:56pm
Berny Roberts says...
Hi Peter you may be interested in a facebook page I run Stockport Tabernacle club where there are a lot of people who share memories and some of the names you mentioned contribute. Give it a try.
15th August 2015 8:04pm
Stephen says...
Peter ,,, thats my sister your talking about carol ,,, i remember looking at the booking diary`s and seeing all the famous groups n names , my farther even told me of a story of when the beatle`s were booked at some low price .. but cancelled as ... Read More
2nd September 2015 5:54am
Martha (Stockport) says...
Hey Stephen
I didn’t mean to sound like I was correcting you just long time ago and before your time fab times by all
25th January 2018 7:35am
Stephen says...
Peter ,,, thats my sister your talking about carol ,,, i remember looking at the booking diary`s and seeing all the famous groups n names , my farther even told me of a story of when the beatle`s were booked at some low price .. but cancelled as ... Read More
2nd September 2015 5:58am
Peter Baldwin says...
Happy days indeed !!
9th September 2015 4:51am
Martha (Stockport) says...
Hey Tabernacle what a place definitely the fondest memories I don’t think Carol was the owners daughter if I remember right I’m sure she just worked there occasionally I don’t recall any of the owners family just all employees staff managers ... Read More
25th January 2018 7:32am
Kevin Sibley says...
I went to Capriccio cafe in 70 but does anyone remember the Stockport scooter squad, we met there for coffee?
14th August 2014 5:26am
Donald Campbell says...
Do you remember Dave Gill. Harold .Denis Meikle.
Fred Meikle.Denis Johnson.and many more
Donald Campbell
20th March 2015 6:37am
Kaye Penny says...
Yes Donald, I remember the brothers Fred and Dennis Meikle very well. Are they still around? You're welcome to join the Facebook Tabernacle Club Group if you're not already a member.
24th May 2016 10:43pm
Donald Campbell says...
Yes Denis and Fred are still around out with them every Friday night
26th May 2016 4:18am
Kaye says...
Wow, I've looked for them both on Facebook but to no avail. Ask them if they remember Kaye & Gail from the Tab and say "Hi" to them from me. Happy memories. Bernard and I have started a Tab Facebook Group. Why don't you ... Read More
26th May 2016 9:05pm
Donald Campbell says...
Hi Kaye
How do I become a member so that I can put some old pics on Also to put Denis & Fred on as members
4th June 2016 7:58pm
Kaye says...
Hi Donald, First of all the three of you will have to be Facebook members, which is pretty easy to sign up to. Then visit the link I posted before and click "Join". Your request to join will be notified to me so I'll accept you and ... Read More
4th June 2016 9:47pm
robert ivor Medwell (Whaley Bridge) says...
Kaye dont know if you remember me , are you from woodley.
29th November 2017 11:19pm
Dave says...
Many of the said scooter squad used to gather next door to where we lived in Offerton. The Name of our neighbour was Bob Moran. Do you remember him, Kevin?
20th April 2016 12:14am
Kevin says...
If it is the same Bob Moran. He was a member of Manchester Lyons .
20th April 2016 7:20am
Phil lancaster aka Bomber says...
I went to the Tab from 1967 until it changed to Sgt. Peppers. The girl that danced to higher and higher was Pat Case she was in Mavis Bek's class at school, the year below me. Unfortunately I saw all said bands but through the bottom of a glass ... Read More
27th August 2014 2:42am
Pat Goulden nee Case says...
SmileWe had some great times and saw some great acts I can still dance to higher and higher, but the knees are not as good still see Mavis those were the days.
7th December 2016 1:50pm
Bernard roberts says...
Pat why not join our Facebook group. The Stockport Tabernacle club there are about 170ish members now and there is some good chatting and memory sharing going on. Bernard
7th December 2016 5:03pm
Bernard says...
I have contributed to this site and would like to share that The Tabernacle Club now has a group on Facebook. Anyone who ever went can share pics, memories etc.
21st January 2015 3:19am
Bomber says...
I am doing some research (for my own satisfaction, as well as others I hope). Could you please contact me and if available have a meeting some time to compare notes.
Best regards
Phil (aka Bomber)
23rd January 2015 1:10am
bernard says...
Phil (bomber) I have started a Stockport Tabernacle group on Facebook if you want to get in touch with me via the group. Cheers Berny
16th April 2015 5:14pm
val roberts says...
Hi Bernard I went to the tabernacle from 67 to changing to Sgt peppers. Had some very happy times there. Does anyone remember Billy Qt he also djd there went on to model shirts. Things you remember. That ace was also my first taste of what is now ... Read More
15th April 2015 7:48pm
berny says...
Val I have started a Facebook page called The stockport Tabernacle club. have 73 ex Tabernacle club members sharing their memories...Contact me via the group. Cheers berny
16th April 2015 5:18pm
Bernard Roberts says...
For information all you ex Tabernacle club goers you can see a short vid on You Tube with pics of Tab members etc just search for " The Day The Tab Was Fab" a book about the Tabernacle club, bands that played there, members memories etc is ... Read More
8th October 2016 5:54pm
Kaye says...
I have a copy of Berny's book about the Tab and can recommend it to all ex-Tabbers. Has lots of photos of people who went, lists of performers, and many stories and interesting shared memories.
10th October 2016 2:55pm
Stephen Grantham (stockport) says...
I went to the tab wed + weekends saw all the acts Hendrix amen corner the move etc I remember walking into the club wearing my denims braces and broages The painted black walls bar on the right gents toilets on the left the stage to the right ... Read More
9th August 2017 6:29pm
Phil Evans (Sale) says...
I used to live in Handforth so it was an easy trip on the train! I would have been 14 when I started going and saw great bands there. the Small Faces, Jimi Hendrix and Amen Corner stand out in the memory. I was sure I saw the Troggs there but not on ... Read More
6th September 2017 3:34am
Mark Vincent (Manchester) says...
When I was a kid, my late Dad, Reg Vincent, worked evenings on security at The Tabernacle. He was very tall (6foot six inches) ex-navy. Very affable. We'd meet at breakfast the next morning, and he would have news about who had played, and who ... Read More
21st November 2017 8:31pm

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