Greatstone Road, Stretford

Saw Bob Marley, Traffic, Bowie and many others there.

Sally Coombes

Saw Elton John there - nodded off.

Paul Mlynarz (webmaster)

For it's short life it was always well attended and I saw some great shows there, particulary David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust and Melanie, the latter sitting on the edge of the stage and singing requests from the audience all night until she lost her voice.

Dan Williams

Saw the Faces when the drummer fainted and fell on his arse. The drummer from the Sutherland Brothers stood in for him. The low ceiling didn't help - too hot!!!! (anyone remember the date)?   

Charlie Fish

The Hardrock/Village was open from 1972 for about two years maybe 3. I lived on Gorse Drive and my Mum worked there as a cleaner. From what I remember the floor or walls moved so it could change from a disco to a rock venue. But the ceiling was so low it was a 100% in there when full,  bands I  saw ... Led Zep, Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, Don McLean, Wings ... just before it closed and worst of all Chuck Berry, scheduled on stage at 9.30 arrived at 11pm and did 30 mins followed by a hail of bottles!

Before it was the Hardrock it was TopRank Bowling Alley now its a B&Q.  I wonder whether the smell of weed has gone?

Brian Smith

I lived very close to Hardrock/The village Nightclub ,Warwick Rd and Gorse Crescent. Very happy times, went on the opening night ... David Bowie.  Saw Roxy Music, Santana, ELP to name a few.

Worked there for a while with pals Dave Morris, Dave Pendleton, Martin Denny glass collecting and bar work.

Emperor Rosko, Dave Lee Travis did Disco Roadshows.  Andy Peebles was the resident DJ. The Three Degrees played the Village Club.The venue was used I think for pop progs....Lift Off and 45...

David Grafton

The magical night that Bowie appeared was not even sold out as I recall. After the Bowie concert the building reverted to a disco and Edwin starr appeared live in the disco. amazing place for its time. Andy Peebles the DJ used to reside round the corner at The Greatstone Hotel.

Les Whyatt

In '74 I saw Bowie on his alleged final tour and also Slade.
It cost £1 to see Bowie but £1.50 to see Slade!
Remember many great 70's gigs there, far better place than the current B&Q on the site...

Salford Lad

My Mam was a cleaner and worked her tits off to present me with a £1.25 ticket for Christmas to see Bowie at the Hardrock. I was 15.

I was in awe and knew every song with its lyrics.  Particularly I remember Bowie announcing his "new single" Jean Genie.

It still must count as the best live gig I've seen.

Brian Springthorpe

Thank you, only realised by this thread where the Hardrock was, to my amazement around the corner from where I work.Saw a favourite 70's band of mine there, Ten Years After, Alvin Lee and all, everyone just sat on the floor during the gig I seem to remember!

David McLenachan

Saw Don McLean in 1972. Just him,no support, no backing. He palyed guitar, banjo and madolin and was amazing. I think the live track "Waters of Babylon" on his "Solo" album was recorded at this concert.


Saw Roxy Music there in Spring 1973. Will always remember just before they came on, in the darkness I could see the outline of Brian Eno's outfit - the one with the 'feathers' on the shoulder (pictured on the inner sleeve of For Your Pleasure). I was so excited I nearly burst. They were absolutely brilliant of course.

A few weeks ago I bought some paint from there - not quite as exciting, but I always think of that night whenever I go there.
I have only just discovered manchesterbeat, when looking for some information on Magic Village and Mole Express. It brings it all back.

Steve Powell

Hi all, I have been trying to contact people for a reunion.  I knew the Fay's and lots of names coming on the site.

I lived on Talbot Road, Stretford and my mum also worked at the Village in the cafe.  Aanyone who remembers me please email (contact webmaster who will pass it on) if you like. It would be great to have a get together.

I saw Colin Blunstone, Bowie, 10cc, Slade and lots more.

Janette Wolstoncroft

I saw Focus and J Geils band here in about 72 - I think Curved Air played there too. It seemed a massive venue in those days. Also in about 77 went to see Rock on with 45 being filmed with Aysha the presenter, the audience was very young ! Only a few us making use of the bar! 

Nigerl Booth

I saw the American all girl band Fanny, supported by Stealers Wheel and early Thin Lizzy. Also caught Bowie's first gig there as Ziggy. One of the best gigs I've seen. Also fell asleep during ELP gig!!! Was that boring.

John Jones

Great venue.  I was at the Hardrock regularly - luckily a mate of mine was manager for a short while.  I remember seeing Ten Years After and chatting with Alvin Lee after the gig in the bar, Wings, Bowie, James Brown, Sweet, Hot Chocolate, Fats Domino  - I think if I remember correctly Teddy Boys ripping up the carpet to dance that evening - some great gigs. 

Alan Fildes

I saw David Bowie at the Hardrock in December 1972 (still have the ticket stub) for the princely sum of £1.25. I was also at the last gig of Cockney Rebel, in 1974, they then changed to Steve Harlet and Cockney Rebel.

Kevin Coen

Bowie played in sep 72 and dec 72. First time half full in the week before his famous TOTP appearance - he had some electrical problems and played acoustic guitar for 20 minutes while repairs went on, sitting on the edge of the stage.

Also fell asleep to ELP, enjoyed 10 Years After and nobody else has mentioned Led Zeppelin playing on the Houses of the Holy tour.

Never much liked the place (low ceiling, converted 10 pin alley I think). So pleased when The Who played Belle Vue. And I got busted fair dodging at Warwick Rd Stn.

Patrick Ferriday

Went to see Don Mclean 25th May 1975 (still got the ticket). Cold and wet outside, the C and the K of the name neon were bust. Remember half the area was seated and half just a wooden floor. D.M was good yes but the knockout was the support act: Lesley Duncan. Found out that she suffered badly from stage fright so I guess this was probably a rare public performance.


Was at a Led Zepp gig at the Hardrock,been trying to remember the date,was it December 72. Remember sitting crosslegged on the floor,what seemed like a few yards from Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.Was it the Led Zepp 4 tour cause`they did Stairway To Heaven. 

Alan Crompton

Great place. I was at the Chuck Berry fiasco, seem to remember some guy coming to the mike and shouting 'the man has gone, the man has gone etc," also I went to the Slade gig and they were awesome (can't believe I just wrote that). Noddy with his mirrored hat all the lights were turned on as he growled 'lets ave a look at yo'll'.  I think Suzi Quatro was their support all in black leather ooh er....

Peter Miller

Ticket courtesy Alan Fildes

Uriah stuff courtesy Steve Whitworth

I saw Roxy Music also 1973. I remember there was no seating and after standing for a long time my friend and I sat on the dodgy carpet but we didn't care! Brian Eno had problems with his synth and ended up playing a tambourine all night. I remember I wore hot pants with black and red platform boots! Good memories

Hazel Sykes

Saw Bowie, Fanny supported by Thin Lizzy, Led Zep & the best concert of the lot was Stephen Stills & Manassas. One of the best venues in Manchester. 2nd only to the Free Trade Hall.

Dave Sharp

Does anyone recall the teen discos there?

Joyce Tyler

I saw Al Green, Oscar Toney Jnr and Margie Joseph on one bill. And Chi-lites another time but dates escape me.

Paul Morgan

I saw Colin Blunstone here in about February of '73 - my first gig, aged 18. Then I saw Wings in May '73. Boths concerts were great, especially seeing Paul McCartney! I've been to many, many concerts since, but the Wings gig holds a special place in my heart! A shame the venue no longer exists...

Glenn B Fleming

I saw Slade at the Hardrock on 27/02/73, I took my sister and we were 5 rows from the front, it was our first ever gig and Slade were superb. Suzi Quatro supported [she had a pinkish trouser suit on this was before her hits and leather gear] she had a tough time with the Slade fans.

I remember it was so loud my ears were still ringing 3 days later.I saw Slade another 11 times but this was probably the best gig, it was the day Cum on Feel the Noize went in at No.1 and they played it @ 5th song in and Noddy said " we've had a bit of news today" the place went even wilder ! Great memories

A J Whitney

Saw Jeff Beck, Yes, and Hawkwind ( Stacia danced over me ....my only claim to fame ) 

Dave Smith

Worked there and it gave me some of the best memories of my life.  Still got my membership cards for Hardrock & Village signed by Bowie & Roxy Music.  Remember how tall Rick Wakeman was and his amazing hair, Cozy Powell setting up, Angie Bowie coming to venue before David to check out, Paul McCartney, one of the nicest men with Linda & Wings, Chuck Berry and his dramatics ...


I saw Bowie on the Ziggy tour.  It was one of the best gigs I have ever seen. He jumped off the stage at the end and had a group hug with me and a Chorlton crew. Who's got the photo?  Would love to see it again if you have it ...


Can anyone remember when the club was being used for a short while as an alternative to Top of the Pops - might have been called 601? I saw Fatback Band/ Chaka Kaan for free so long as you had a membership for the Village, Its great reading all these entries and remembering my Idols.

David Blades

Saw Ziggy, Steve Stills Manassas and Yes there!!!! Great days!!!

Phil Yates

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James Firth
Regarding the Slade concert in 1973, the day when they hit number one with " Cum on Feel the Noize " (attempted spelling ). I remember a guy sat on the stage, to the right, legs dangling down, smiling at the reaction of the audience. He had his shirt sleeves rolled up and had a roadie look about him, didn't look like a fan. Could this have been Chas Chandler the manager,a clever man, who looked after Hendrix. Can anyone help, could have been you!!
10th April 2017 1:21am
Roger Pickering
I saw Roxy Music there on the 9th of November 1972. The New York Dolls should have been the support act, but the 16 year old drummer had died from an alcohol and drug mix just a day or two before, therefore a local group, Greasy Bear (who later morphed into Akvertos Yi Los Trios Paranoias or whatever their original epithet was, anyway, it was shortened to The Albertos) stepped in to fill the vacancy. Greasy Bear's set was highlighted for me by the drummer playing a Ludwig champagne sparkle double bass drum kit. The drummer had long Sandy coloured curly hair and looked almost identical to Twink, of The Pink Fairies, who also played the same kind of drum kit. Could it have actually been Twink filling in? During the intermission, when people were sitting crosslegged or lying on the floor (it was the early 70s after all, man) the DJ announced that Led Zeppelin would be playing the following week or month, prompting a round of applause from the waiting audience, especially one who was ... Read More
8th April 2017 12:05am
Roger Pickering
Typo: Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias. There are some other small errors in the text too. Sorry. It was late and I was sleepy!
8th April 2017 10:33am
James Firth
I was at the Slade concert, at the Hardrock, in 1973 as mentioned by a previous blogger. When the band came on stage, the audience broke out into a huge roar, and the band looked taken aback. I was 15, I went mad, best show ever. Saw Chuck Berry there, probably 1972, Tony Prince the DJ , declared himself compere on the night, and made a pratt of himself, kicking out at audience members who jeered him. Saw Jnr Walker and the All Stars, on a night when the venue converted to a disco. Vastly underated. Also saw Santana, who requested a minutes silence before the show for some religious reason that escaped me. I wanted Black Magic woman, and all the other hits, they just played their new stuff, bored me rigid.
18th March 2017 6:03am
mark o'keefe
Yep I saw Slade there..my first ever gig..was only 12! Went with my cousins wearing a pair of borrowed skinner jeans with "Noddy, Don Jim and Dave written down the legs...remember Noddy asking could he see some tits..Suzi Quatro pretty much got booed off, everyone waiting for Slade...She was Number one with "can the can" about a month later!!!
9th April 2017 11:13pm
Tom Foster
Hi. Even though Led Zep are my all-time fave group, I never saw them!
However, I did see Three Dog Night and Santana there.
13th February 2017 8:03am
Did anyone here see Tangerine Dream at the Hardrock in '75 (or perhaps know of anyone that did)?

I ask because for the past two years I've been working with a publisher on a coffee table book of their concert memorabilia (currently at 350 pages with over 900 images), and have been searching for the ticket from this gig (a scan would be fine).

If anyone can help in any way (even if you might have any other items of TDs that would help with the book), I'd be grateful, for sure.

Many thanks!

8th December 2016 4:50pm
13th January 2017 11:42pm
Thanks, Stuart.
I actually managed to get a hold of the ticket scan via other means.
Thanks again.
23rd January 2017 7:29am
Gary Holroyd
I've got a ticket stub from 1974 at Bradford St Georges Hall if that's any help. I also saw them in 1975 at York Minster and although I have no memorabilia from that night, John Peel and his wife sat directly in front of me.
3rd February 2017 4:52am
Did anyone here see Tangerine Dream at the Hardrock in '75 (or perhaps know of anyone that did)?

I ask because for the past two years I've been working with a publisher on a coffee table book of their concert memorabilia (currently at 350 pages with over 900 images), and have been searching for the ticket from this gig (a scan would be fine).

If anyone can help in any way (even if you might have any other items of TDs that would help with the book), I'd be grateful, for sure.

Many thanks!

8th December 2016 4:07pm
Steve gell
Great venue, half seated half on steps...a semi circle. Saw Wings and Santana there...both good shows and the view was great even from the cheap seats.
30th October 2016 6:59pm
Phil Roberts
I too was at the Chaka Kahn/Rufus gig, 'Tell Me Something Good' was being promoted which dates to 1974
29th October 2016 11:23pm
Mike Day
I worked there from day one. Paul Grenville-Smythe, former boss of the London Hardrock Cafe as catering/bar manager and an ex Greenjacket (Capt) Mike O'Shea CEO. So many memories- Playing football with Paul McCartney in the car park after the soundcheck. Carlos Santana hanging out at the bar. Lou Reed - hours late and off his trolley. Gallons of Blue Nun and Courvoisier with 'Bonzo' John Bonham - happy days !!
25th October 2016 5:06pm
Hi Mike,
Is there any chance you held onto any flyers from any of the gigs (namely Tangerine Dream in '75)?
23rd January 2017 7:28am
Brian O'Sullivan
I was there at Chaka Khan too.can't remember year
23rd September 2016 5:49am
Allan Orrick
Only made it once to Hardrock. Ferried down from Newcastle by the Anchor Records representative to see Rufus and Chaka Khan, and then, on to George Best's night club for the after gig party.
23rd September 2016 5:29am
John Armour
I went a couple of times, just before it closed shortly after my 16th birthday . ITV used to broadcast a pop program from there too. I seem to remember it was famously built with a revolving stage. I wonder if that mechanism is still present. I Drove past there a couple of weekends ago. It is up for sale !
.Still has the "cleopatra needle" outside. Any chance that it could become a venue again?
14th June 2016 8:42am
David Gaynor
Saw Chuck Berry at the Hardrock, in 1972, I think. *****. Decent band supporting him called Trapeze. Berry came on at near midnight, blaming the heavy fog. He did half an hour and then legged it. David 'Kid' Jensen was the presenter on behalf of Radio Luxembourg. He came on and told everyone Berry had gone, then said that nobody should ever pay to watch Chuck Berry ever again.
22nd March 2016 1:30pm
Saw Bowie on both occasions in 72 and ELP. Remember Tarkus seem to remember it firing out polystyrene pellets. I thought it was a great venue for getting close to the stage.
13th March 2016 6:48am
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