The Bee Hive

The original Cymerons at the Beehive, Swinton circe 1961/2 (above and below)

Pic of L to right John Needham, Mike Lynch,John Hall.  Top table in the Hive

As John Needham states, we met and formed one of our bands at the Bee Hive. I ran a martial arts club in the concert room a couple of nights per week.
Big Russ, surname Gaucher and I Used to book the bands and take care of the door. Needless to say any trouble was soon taken care of due to the fact that on Band nights a large quota of the punters were guys who trained there.

L to R Sylvia Rice,Big Russ, Beverly Hampson and Mike Lynch
Pictured in the Bee Hive circa 1967.
The Girls later became our wives.Sad to say that Russ passed away in the US several years ago. Bev and I are still going strong.
Great memories.

Mike Lynch


The Bee Hive Swinton turned out to be one of the most unlucky venues we played at when I was drummer with Paul Fenda and the Teenbeats.
On the first occasion our lead guitarist Dave Burns (Alan Bonynge) took the mike from Paul Fenda (Paul Young) whilst still holding his guitar. the resulting short circuit plunged the stage into darkness and we ended in Swinton Hospital pushing Dave on a trolley to A & E

Our second attempt at the Beehive resulted in the loss of most of my drum kit in the Manchester Ship Canal. Our roadie, Terry Webb, used to load my kit on the roof rack of his Standard Vanguard without straps. The flyover the canal on the then M62 was high and windy with the inevitable result. I dont know how much the court fined Terry but the loss of the drums cost me a fortune in those days.

Chris Bowden

I used to work at the Beehive several nights a week, can't remember how I got the job, but from memory it was run by a guy called Russ, can't remember his second name.

It was all right for it's time, used to feature disco and a live group.Big oblong room it used to do really well. Remember working there with The Cymerons and also The Chasers.

It was all local groups can't remember any "name" bands being there.

This was very early on, probably around the time of the Majestic or CIS. Maybe Tony Fletcher got me in there, which would mean it was CIS time.

Kevin Lane

Hi, the name of the guy who run the Beehive disco was Russ Goucher, the landlord's name was Ron and the DJs name myself Steve Green ... HAPPY DAYS.

Steve Green

The Beehive !! What memories !!!  And Todd Miller and the Miller Band were incredible. I remember buying Todd´s single on Swinton market and accompanying him to some nightclub in Manchester ...halcyon days ... told him I wanted to travel .... home now in Buenos Aires Argentina and work in Santiago Chile !! 

Isabella Entwistle

I remember playing at the Beehive with both Kathy and the Boleros and the Gonx ,who came from Swinton, on several occasions probably around 1963-64. The fee was around the £10 mark and the room was heaving on both  Friday and Saturday nights.

As I remember musicwise it was run by the resident trio which consisted of Piano, Upright bass wWhich the owner generously let be have a go on,and where I discovered that I had the same lack of aptitude for both upright and electric bass] and a drummer.

The Bass player seemed to be in charge of paying the groups and I was under the impression that his trio also played at the Wishing Well, and he also booked us at the Swinton Palais. Always a nice friendly atmosphere and never any trouble, just like every gig I did in the 60s and 70s.

Oh how times have changed.

Geoff Parkinson

Got very fond memories of The Bee Hive, it was one of National Grids regular gigs, always packed, never any trouble, and best of all the money was good.

We would be paid by Big Russ (boy was he big, in more ways than one, so I'm told) don't recall his surname though. It was a great place to meet other players as well. In fact but for The Bee Hive we would not have met Mike Lynch.

Mike lived only 500 hundred yards away, it was his local. It was  following this meeting that Seduction ( mine and Dave Gleaves first pro band ) was formed. The Bee Hive also figured when Money formed, it was Money's rehearsal room for some time.

I believe the place closed down some years ago, great shame.

John Needham

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Topic: The Beehive, Swinton
Paul webmaster says...
Thanks for great pictures, Mike (Lynch)
26th June 2015 9:22pm
Keith J. Smith says...
The Bee Hive closed some years ago and is now a nursery school. To say it was in 'Swinton' is incorrect. It was in Clifton (Rake Lane) and I think I should know as I was born and brought in Clifton further down Rake Lane on the Clively ... Read More
18th May 2016 5:55pm
Peter Waterhouse says...
Russ Goucher was a neighbour of mine on Balmoral Road just a few hundred yards from the Bee Hive.I remember him as a very pleasant bloke,and he had a younger sister called Julie.
20th September 2016 7:38am

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