Swinton Palais

This was  upstairs, next door to the Wishing Well and groups could do one half in the Palais and then go down the back stairs and do the second spot at the Wishing Well - but the group  only got paid for one  nights work !

Eddie Massey was a DJ at Swinton Palais.

John S Neale

Used to go dancing here , it was always packed in the late 50's , early 60's. Owned by a dapper little man called Joe Read - always came to the Palais wearing a tux and bowtie, harking back to the days when it was a "proper" dance hall .
Played there a few times when I was 14/15 , with Freddie & the Dreamers on one bill .
Plenty of happy memories of student days , and later , dancing with my girlfriend who later  became my wife.

Peter Kenny



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