Beech Lawn Club
Corner of Dudley Road and Russell Road, Whalley Range

Someone out there must have heard of this place which I think was in Whalley Range. I have even asked people I thought I went there with but no one remembers.

I went at least twice (once on New Year's Eve) and it can only be described as a gangster's drinking den which had once been quite posh. There were rumours it was also a brothel downstairs and it is true there were a lot of doors there and one or two women who could have fitted the bill in shimmy-shimmy dresses.

Bob Cummings

The Beeach Lawn Club was on Beech Road, Whalley Range. It was a large house that had been one of many in the area built for rich Manchester business men.

A group of us used to visit regularly on Thursday nights. Five of us in Hillman Minx (no breathalisers then!).

I never got any impression about any 'goings on' in the basement - it was just a place to get a late drink after the pubs closed - you could get a bar snack and the drinks weren't to pricey.

Most of these houses in Whalley Range are now student flats. 

Tom Bancroft

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Topic: Beech Lawn Club
Tom Bancroft says...
Further to the post about the Beech Lawn Club, Whalley Range and the after hours drinking in this rather grand old house with one or two 'dodgy' members - I have now confirmed it was on the corner of Dudley Road and Russell Road. It was ... Read More
15th July 2015 10:09pm

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