The Golden Garter
Rowlands Way, Wythenshawe

For a great site featuring extensive info about the Golden Garter, please visit:


Menu from November 1968 (Eartha Kitt) - wish we could go out for those prices today.

(Courtesy Janet Gregory)



The Golden Garter Trio - read Brian Higham's great account here

Awards at The Golden Garter with Cannon & Ball, Paul Daniells, The Dooley Family, Mark Channing  &  Pete Price 

"Ii used to look after Peter Price and this night  he decided to put on these giant Gary Glitter type boots on.  He fell off the stage. 

There was an astrologer on as well and Bernard Manning was compering.  Just before Bernard brought the astrologer on, he said to the audience  "He should have been here half hour ago - he could have told Pete Price he was going to fall!"

Roy Mozley

The Hollies backstage w/c 28 July 1969



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Topic: Golden Garter
John Orchard says...
I have some photos taken at the Golden Garter. Here's one taken backstage of The Hollies who played there w/c 28 July 1969. John Orchard (pianist with Shep's Banjo Boys)
25th May 2014 8:29pm
Paul webmaster says...
Thanks John - added to the page. Much appreciated.
25th May 2014 8:34pm
george dodd says...
I worked behind the nere the stage when jimmy swanson was manager
1st May 2015 3:01am
diane myers says...
I worked at the golden garter in the box office during the day and also at night i was leigh lawson jimmy swanson was assistant manager and richard gibson was manager i worked at the garter for 5 years i loved working there and miss it Unsure
19th June 2015 1:09am
mike birrell says...
Hi remember me Dianne
2nd July 2017 9:28pm
jed robins says...
Does anyone remember a comedian al monty
20th July 2015 5:08am
Arnold Seddon says...
My wife and I had out first proper Date at the Garter, Gene Pitney was the main attraction...19th May 1976.

And yes we are still together
26th February 2016 7:20am
Helen Roberts says...
I used to love it here. Saw Gladys Night and the Pips, Odyssey, The Chilites and many other great stars. Mon nights used to be called 'ladies night' as it was free entry for ladies. Those were the days
16th March 2016 3:21am
Rob Parkes says...
Smile Remember seeing Lonnie Donegan here, must have been around 1968....Johnny Burns was the compere, and of course Sheps banjo boys were on as well..Happy days indeed !!....Lonnie Donegan was excellent...
26th February 2017 2:39pm
Dave Miles says...
Very sad to relate the recent passing of a dear friend of mine from many years ago the very talented Stephen Shaw (Trombone) Steve began his career with Shep's Banjo Boys before joining Vic Lezal's Professionals at the Ritz Ballroom in ... Read More
17th January 2018 10:05pm

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