St Francis's Youth Club
Newall Green, Wythenshaw

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Joe Daly
My fondest memory of the sixties was from the Summer of 1964 as a then 15 year old, The Merseybeats Played at St Francis Church Hall in Newall Green Wythenshawe, they had at that time had two chart hits "It's love that really counts" number 24 in the charts and "I think of you" number 5 in the charts, the talent just oozed out of the four of them, Tony Crane, Billy Kingsley, Aaron Williams and John Banks. I remember a Black Dormobile sat outside the hall full of messages etc written in lipstick, this old van must have been their home for months on end as they travelled the country. could you imagine today going to see a band with chart success, wireless and television appearances under their belts on a church hall, I expect not, it would be some Arena at £40 a ticket, whereas then it was probably just a few quid
5th May 2016 7:45pm

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