O'Hara's Playboys (Sheffield)

original info courtesy David Bowker

Line Up - 1969/70

  • John O'Hara - Vocals
  • Dave Bowker - Bass and vocals
  • Davy McHarg - Drums
  • Tony Prosser - 2nd Lead guitar
  • Bill Simpson - Lead guitar


Although from Sheffield, O'Hara's Playboys were regular visitors on the Manchester club scene and featured Dave Bowker, a Manchester musician who played with many of Manchester's finest groups.


The group disbanded when John went solo in the 80's, retired in 2006 ish. From the 1965-1970 Sheffield line up, Bobby Campbell. Davy McHarg managers Tony French and Brian Hart and Pete Campbell all passed away. Only me, John, Peter Green and Billy Simpson left.

Bill J Mathieson (added on Facebook)

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