The Myaks (Wythenshawe)

Initial info courtesy Alan Fothergill 

Line-up included 

  • Jeff Shelmadine - vocals
  • Brian Baxter - guitar
  • Dave Leech - guitar
  • Mick Chuwen - drums
  • Dave Grimshawe - bass 
  • Fred Dean - vocals (replaced JS)


Formed about 1963/64 - a great R and B band. Sadly Dave Grimshawe died a long time ago of a drug overdose. They continued, Brian Baxter went on bass and played as a 4 piece.

A Guy called Fred Leach joined the Myaks as singer around 1964 ... just prior to the passing away of Dave Grimshawe.

Fred later joined the Odd Ones as a vocalist and in a turn around, the drummer from Odd Ones joined the Myaks....they lasted until around 1967...then all went their seperate ways.

I recall seeing a couple sat together on a bus from Manchester to Wythenshawe probably 1964/65, the male had longer hair than the girl. the girl had a small case on her lap with the words; THE MYAKS.

Shortly afterwards I saw the band at St Bernadettes in Withington, they wowed the place, a superb memory.


I'm Brian Baxter from the Myaks and I'm still playing bass. Dave Leach is living in Australia, Fred Dean, the singer who took over from Jeff Shelmerdine, is living in Derby, lost contact with Mick Chuwen years ago.

We got the name of Myaks from the sound of Mick's initials, Michael Isaac Anthony Chuwen. Our manager at the time, also our van driver, didn't like the look of MIACS, so we became the 'MYAKS'.

Brian Baxter - 30/1/09

I'm Mervyn Horrocks of Merv's Bardots. I remember seeing the Myaks at Droylsden Top Twenty Club, twice at least. I was impressed by their music but wouldn't say so at the time due to the rivalry between most groups. I preferred their music to the stuff we were playing!

Mervyn Horrocks - 7/10/09

Just a few memories about the Myaks.

I lived next door to Micky Chuwen and across the road lived Dave Leach. I didn't play in the band but used to help setup the instruments. 

I saw Mick a couple of years ago at his sisters funeral, Dave lives in Perth, Western Australia.

Most of us worked at Hilsons wire works in Sharston, and then worked on the bins.

We had gigs on most fridays and saturdays and played quite a lot of venues out of Manchester. Sheffield (fretsville not sure of spelling) was one that comes to mind. We were driving over the Pennines and a tyre blew. On one side of the road was a massive drop and we started going towards it even though seven sets of brakes were applied.

We used to have a great time when we played at the Elizabethan ballroom Belle Vue where Jimmy Saville was the dj.

Tommy - 11/2/11

As many others I saw the Myaks at St Bernadettes all those years ago. One of the best bands I've ever seen, comparable with the (Pretty Things) First band I ever saw live to break the rules, how they missed the boat and didn't make the big time still astounds me.

Of all the Friday night bands...(sorry GROUPS) they were the most outrageous and when the curtain opened there were gasps of disbelief and even bigger gasps when they hit the first cords. What a great memory for this 64 year old!!

Keith - 13/10/13
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