My favourite pictures

The site has sooo many images of Manchester area music in the 60's.  Considering we didn't have cameras at the time (or the money to pop the film in the chemist on regular basis) we have done well.

We all see different things in images - the gear, the clothing, perhaps even the stance of the players.  Some we pass over quickly and move on, others make a much lasting impression.

These are mine :-)

I like this as it would be a similar scene to my first experiences of groups.  My primary school, Heald Place County Primary School, in Rusholme had a big boys school upstairs and I can remember a couple of instances when their skiffle groups would come downstairs and play for us.  
Similarly my first real experience was of the Junior School group, The Focal Points, playing at evening "dances".  We would all have been about 11 then - but we felt "cool".


This picture of THE FALCONS is around 1959 when it was all happening.  L to R Pete Knight. Mike Lynch. Ady Eddleston and Drummer Glen Oakley took the pic.  So much style - love this picture.


Above: The Redjets from Rochdale


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