The Rogues (Salford) 

Line-up included

  • Albert Wood - Vocals
  • Brent Forbes - Guitar
  • Mike Amatt - Lead Guitar
  • Terry Rogers - Drums
  • Diccon Hubbard - Bass 

Diccon Hubbard replaced by Ronnie Grundy on bass (Sweet Chariot, Irwells). Ronnie Grundy then replaced by Dave Moran.

Albert Wood, Brent Forbes and Mike Amatt left, replaced by Geoff Foot (Herman's Hermits, Chasers) and Rod Gerrard (Herman's Hermits/Salford Jets/Wayne Fontana etc).

Band changed name to Sunshine.

The Rogues had one single released: "And You Let Her Pass By"/"Memories of Missy" on the Decca Label (Decca F 12718, 1967).

"A truly appalling record written by Dick James (of Northern Songs fame) which the whole group hated and which thankfully duly sank without trace!!"

Diccon Hubbard

This has just brought back many happy memories of my old school mate, Mike Amatt. We went to Salford Technical High School 1960 to 1965. Diccon Hubbard and Harvey Starr (Richard Kent Style) were other pupils. Mike has just contacted me after 46 years since we left school.

Mike, you didn't wear trousers or waistcoats like that at school, especially at school concerts.

Dave Anderton - The Beatleague 

Had a brilliant night on Friday 4th Feb 2011.

Met up with three of my old Salford Technical High School mates from the early 1960's.

Mike Amatt contacted me about 10 months ago. Hadn't seen Mike for 46 years since leaving school until Friday 17th December 2010 when we met again to renew our old friendship and reminisce shool days and groups we were in over the years. What a brilliant night that was.

Mike was in The Rogues when we were at school. They carried on and later became "Sunshine". He has also been in Mike Sweeney & The Thunderbirds, Wayne Fontanas Mindbenders and many more groups over the years.

Anyway, Mike said he would arrange another night with some of our old school pals and musicians he has kept in touch with over the years.

Friday night 4th February was the night! 

I arrived at Mike's at 7.00pm and one of the lads, Diccon Hubbard, was already there. We were both gob smacked to see each other again after a lifetime. Amazing! Diccon was in The Rogues & The Thunderbirds with Mike. They also gigged as The Mindbenders during the 80's.
Then Brent Forbes, turned up. Again, amazing to see each other after leaving Salford Tech in the mid 1960's. Brent was also in The Rogues.

At about 8.30pm, another old friend of theirs, Geoff Foot arrived. I was amazed when Geoff walked in.

Geoff fronted a 60's Salford group called The Chasers (on MB website) when he was younger and has been in many groups over the years. He has been in Hermans Hermits for over 20 years.

Last saw Geoff and spoke to him at a "Chasers" gig in Manchester in 1967.

Check the photo. Looking at it from the left is Brent, Diccon holding the 1965 poster of The Rogues, myself Dave Anderton and Geoff Foot on the right.

A brilliant night! A night to remember. I didn't leave until 2.00am in the morning.

Dave Anderton (The BeatLeague & The Principals) - 15/2/11 

Had a brilliant night on Friday 10th Aug 2012.

Mike Amatt, Diccon Hubbard, Geoff Foot, Paul Rogers (whose brother Terry was drummer with Sunshine) and myself, Dave Anderton, went over to Stretford to visit Lynda Mawdsley and her two special friends.

Lynda and the girls contributed to a brilliant night of music, photos of the last four decades of Geoff, Mike and Diccon, nostalgia, reminiscing, food, drink, entertainment and constant laughter.

A brilliant night enjoyed by all of us.

It was one of those special nights you never want to end.

Have to thank everybody who was there, especially Lynda, for contributing to make a terrific night.

Dave Anderton (Drummer with The BeatLeague and The Principals) - 10/9/12

Approximately 4 weeks ago, Mike Amatt officially became lead guitarist/harmony vocalist for Barry Whitwam's Herman's Hermits. Mike has slotted in perfectly alongside his lifelong pal from Salford, Geoff Foot. Geoff is bass guitarist/lead vocalist and has been with the band for many years now.

I know that Mike will be a great addition to those ultra professional Hermits.  Congratulations Mike and thoroughly deserved.

Dave Anderton Drummer with The BeatLeague and The Principals - 24/11/12



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