STOCKPORT GIG DIARY - Robert Collister

21/04/1962The Raven clubThe Coastersbased in Liverpool toured UK many times around 60s
22/04/1962The Raven clubThe Deltas 
27/04/1962The Raven clubFourtonesGraham Nash/Allen Clarke pre Hollies
28/04/1962The Raven clubJohnny Apollo and the Spartans 
29/04/1962The Raven clubLee Stewart and the Emperors of Rhythm 
30/05/1963Imperial clubJohnny Darano and the Strollers also Gary Rogers and the Vampires 
31/05/1963Imperial clubBobby Layne and the Confederates 
31/05/1963KingfisherThe Hollies 
1/06/1963KingfisherJohnny Peters and the Crestas 
2/06/1963KingfisherThe Fourmosts 
3/06/1963KingfisherThe Wirlwinds 
5/06/1963KingfisherMike Cadillac and the Playboys 
13/06/1963Offerton PalaceThe BeatlesOnly Stockport apearance
15/08/1963Texan caberet clubThe Ensigns 
17/08/1963Texan caberet clubThe Beathovens also The Three DimensionsManchester band
20/08/1963Texan caberet clubBobby Layne and the Confederates 
7/01/1965Manor Lounge

The Tennesseans also Danny Davis and Ricky Fold

8/01/1965St Albans youth clubJacks Goods 
9/01/1965Stockport Town HallThe Applejacks also The Beatmen also The Big boss men 
9/01/1965Manor LoungeToggery Five also Mersey Four 
12/01/1965St Albans youth clubMike Curtis and the Estelles 
14/01/1965Manor LoungeThe Blue Giants 
15/01/1965St Albans youth clubThe Hornets 
15/01/1965KingfisherThe Deltones with Tony Lane also Four Buttons and a Bow 
16/01/1965Manor LoungeBilly J Kramer and the Dakotas also The Liverpool Escorts also the Deltones 
16/01/1965Stockport Town HallMike Berry and the Innocents also Bern Elliot and the Clan also The Falkons 
16/01/1965KingfisherThe Boomerangs also the Blues syndicate also the Deltones 
17/01/1965KingfisherThe Mighty Avengers 
22/01/1965KingfisherThe Hornets also The Confederates 
23/01/1965KingfisherThe Peddlers also The Tennesseans 
23/01/1965Stockport Town HallSwinging Blue jeans also Tony Lane and the Deltone s also The Hornets 
23/01/1965Manor LoungeKenny Lynch also The Tennesseans 
24/01/1965KingfisherJust Four Men 
28/01/1965Manor LoungeThe Dennisons 
29/01/1965KingfisherHans and Four Feet also The Rangers 
30/01/1965Manor LoungeThe Riot Squad also The Rats also The Generations 
30/01/1965Stockport Town HallThe Tornadoes also T J Kelly and the Jaguars also Wild Four 
30/01/1965KingfisherThe Spinning tops also The Rats also The Generations 
31/01/1965KingfisherThe Blackwells 
4/02/1965Manor LoungeThe Merseybeats 
5/02/1965KingfisherThe Corvettes 
6/02/1965Manor LoungeThe Rebounds also T J Kelly and and the Jaguars 
6/02/1965KingfisherLance Harvey and the Kingpins also T J Kelly and and the Jaguarsfrom Stoke on Trent?
6/02/1965Stockport Town HallThe Johnny Gus set also The Cyclones6/- Admission
7/02/1965KingfisherFrankenstien and the Monsters also Roy Stewart and the FloorboardsBasically Roy Stewart and the floorboards were the same members as Frankenstien and the Monsters but out of make up
11/02/1965Manor LoungeThe Gamblers 
12/02/1965KingfisherFour buttons and a beauCant find any history on this band.
12/02/1965St Albans youth clubThe Beatvendors3/- Admission
13/02/1965Manor LoungeThe Pickwick salso Tony Lane and the Deltones 
13/02/1965KingfisherThe Mersey Monsters 
14/02/1965KingfisherThe Peddlers 
14/02/1965Offerton PalaceGuy Mitchell and his accompanying orchestraalso Johnnny Hackettalso the 18th 19th and 20th
18/02/1965Manor LoungeUndertakers 
18/02/1965St Albans youth clubThe Memphis Men1/6 admission
19/02/1965St Albans youth clubThe Trekkers 
20/02/1965Manor LoungeBrian Poole and the Tremeloes also The Mersey Squares also Hans and Four feet 
20/02/1965KingfisherThe Tennesseans also The Mersey Squares 
20/02/1965Stockport Town HallThe Four Pennie salso The HornetsNorth west Band and Ashton based band
21/02/1965KingfisherGrant Tracy and the Sunsets 
25/02/1965Manor LoungeDenny Mitchell Soundsations 
27/02/1965Stockport Town HallDave Berry and the Cruisers 
27/02/1965Manor LoungeThe Cherokees also The Rats 
28/02/1965KingfisherThe Spinning Tops also Dick Turpin and the Highwaymen 
28/02/1965KingfisherThe Aristokats 
4/03/1965Manor LoungeThe Measles also Dick Turpin and the Highwaymen 
5/03/1965KingfisherCops n Robbers 
6/03/1965Manor LoungeThe Chants with the Solitaires also Blues SyndicateFrom Toxteth, a popular black band in and around Liverpool.  Became the Real Thing
6/03/1965Stockport Town HallEden Kane also The Downbeats also The Corvettes 
7/03/1965KingfisherThe Fairies 
11/03/1965Manor LoungeTony Jackson and the Vibrations also Krys Ryan and the Questions 
13/03/1965Stockport Town HallThe Dennisons also The Cyclones 
13/03/1965Manor LoungeThem also The Mersey SquaresVan Morrison
14/03/1965Offerton PalaceDailey and Wayne 
18/03/1965Manor LoungeTom Jones and the Squires also Dick Turpin and the Highwaymen 
19/03/196519/03/1965KingfisherKingfisherDr Pill and the Purple Hearts also The Georgia Blues3/-
20/03/1965Manor LoungeThe Escorts also The Tennesseans 
20/03/1965Stockport Town HallThe Fourmosts 
21/03/1965Offerton PalaceJoe Brown and the Bruvvers 
21/03/1965KingfisherThe Sidewalkers 
21/03/1965Kingfisheralso Bo Kelly and the Thingumajigs 
25/03/1965Manor LoungeScreaming Lord Sutch and the Savagesalso Tiffanys Dimensions also The Starliters 
24/04/1965Manor LoungeWayne Fontana and the Mindbenders 
13/06/1965Manor LoungeThe Who 
2/06/1966Manor LoungeThe Troggs 
16/06/1966Manor LoungeThe Merseys 
27/01/1967TabernacleSmall FacesLater became The Faces with Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood
12/02/1967Sinking ShipJimi Hendrix experience 
17/03/1967TabernacleDavey Sands and the Essex also Cryin' Shames with Paul and Richie 
25/03/1967TabernacleNashville teens 
26/03/1967TabernacleJimi Hendrix Experience 
24/04/1967TabernaclePink Floyd 
7/07/1967TabernacleFamily (early show) 
3/09/1967TabernacleJeff Beck GroupJeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood
15/10/1967TabernacleThe HerdFeatured  Peter Frampton
4/02/1968TabernaclePlastic penny 
25/11/1968Bamboo clubGreatest show on earth 
2/05/1969Stockport Town HallPretty Things 
16/12/1969Cheadle Hulme Social ClubGenesis 
27/04/1970Poco a PocoDavid Bowie and the Hype also Barclay James Harvest also High Tide also The Purple Gang 
27/07/1970Bamboo clubAquilla 
11/12/1970Stockport University CollegeKeef Hartley

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