The Outsiders UK(Colne)



The Outsiders UK originated from Colne Lancs and included Manchester musicians:

  • Mark Caffrey/Bass from Wythenshawe
  • Martin Schofield/drums from Oldham and
  • John Hull/guitar from Macclesfield.

Mark Caffrey was previously a member of Wythenshawe band SFW mid 70s, Martin Scofield and John Hull were formally members of Oldham metal band Touched also with Mark Caffrey.

The 3 Manchester musicians re located to Colne and teamed up with the only constant and founder member Adrian (Mel) Melling. The group included ex Glass Menagerie guitarist John Megs Medley from 1983-85.

The band recorded 4 albums for the Planet records label from 1990 to 2016 and a new release will be completed in 2020. The band reformed after a break from 2004 to 2016.

Albums were:

  • Skin-1990
  • Ripped Shirt-1993
  • Black shoes & travelling TV-1997
  • Everything's gone vintage-2016.

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